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Special News
ANC heavyweight collapses on TV by chair E-mail

JOHANNESBURG (Reuters) - Nhlanhla Nene, a prominent South African parliament, on television by his chair collapsed. This happened during an interview in a political talk show. In the middle of the conversation dropped the serious political heavyweight wallop by his seat and disappeared under the table.

One in four does it with colleague E-mail

LONDON (Reuters) - One in four people has ever had sex with his or her colleague. Half of them did so also in the workplace. This is evident from a survey conducted by the British newspaper The Guardian on Sunday.

Eurostar delays by secretly cigarette E-mail

ImageLILLE (Reuters) - An unknown train passenger who just wanted to sneak a cigarette smoking in a toilet of the Eurostar between London and Paris was the cause of a four-hour delay. That has a Eurostar spokeswoman said Saturday.

'Most expensive Dog of Europe' stolen E-mail

ROTTERDAM (Reuters) - The most expensive pet according to the Dog of Europe is stolen. The dream of every four faithful stood in the showcase of Pets Place in Alexandrium shopping center in Rotterdam.

Televizier-Ring for Good! The Lion Weather E-mail

ImageAMSTERDAM (Reuters) - The VARA program Beautiful! Again Friday night the Golden Lion has Televizier-Ring won. With 48 percent of the votes of the audience questioned the show of Paul de Leeuw at the longest end.

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