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Maximale hypotheek
There are no translations availableWilt u zakelijk gaan investeren? Of staat u op het punt een huis te kopen. Bereken dan zelf snel, makkelijk en overzichtelijk het bedrag dat u maximaal kunt lenen voor een hypotheek. Indien u weet wat u max...
Alcohol E-mail
Alcohol consumption is growing in the Netherlands, especially among students. At most festivals are alcohol on the table. We see alcohol as a stimulant as many people after drinking alcohol spraakzamer and happier. (In any case, they sometimes exceed their love). This is not because alcohol has a stimulating effect, but because alcohol verdooft inhibitions that you are worn looser. Alcohol has a narcotic effect on your body. The functioning of all organs is delayed. Too much alcohol in your body means that your vital brain that your breathing and your heart rules stunned, and that can lead to unconsciousness.

Alcohol in your body:
Alcohol is through your stomach and your small intestine in the blood. The blood alcohol over your entire body. Is there food in your stomach then takes the recording of alcohol longer. The alcohol is then entered via the blood spread on the total amount of body fluids. If you weigh heavier, have more body fluids than a lighter person. That means that the same amount of alcohol a heavier person has a lower permillage than a lighter person. Over 95% of all alcohol in your body by your liver stopped. A small 5% of the alcohol through your urine, your breath and your sweat excreted.

Because your kidneys alcohol initiates increased activity after your body loses alcohol use extra water. This loss of moisture is one of the causes of getting a hangover. And then you have the next day so many moeri ke Pira (headache). Other causes include: toxic effects of acetaldehyde (the first breakdown product of alcohol). Now a little chemistry.
Alcohol (ethanol C2H5OH). If alcohol is broken creates acetaldehyde, a substance that has toxic and harmful than alcohol zelf.Aceetaldehyde is converted into acetic acid which is degraded to koostofdioxide and water.

Alcohol and brains:
Alcohol has a narcotic effect on your central nervous system. Alcohol dissolves in the membrane of your zenuwcel and disturbs your normal chemical reactions (in the cell). Depending on the location and function of the cell can be very wide range of effects in the short and long term action. Drinking alcohol affects all brain functions. Excessive use of alcohol causes:

You might get a Black-Out:
A blackout is a disorder of the short-term memory, which all can occur after drinking much alcohol at one occasion.

The critical thinking can be reduced:
It is that functions such as critical and analytical thinking weaken. Also, the flexibility decreases.

Alcohol and sexuality:
Influence of alcohol on men:

Excessive alcohol consumption decreases in male testosterone levels in the blood and can lead to no erection or ejaculation (Ouch!) Gets. Because alcohol removes inhibitions, it can lead to increased sexual arousal.

Influence of alcohol on women:
In women increasing testosterone levels after drinking which sexual arousal occurs (hyperactive mang). In combination with the ontremmende effect of alcohol can lead to escapades where many women have later regretted. Excessive alcohol consumption disrupts the cycle of women. Drinking Problem's often have menstrual problems.

If pregnant women alcohol can harm the unborn child (including mental disability, growth deficiencies, facial abnormalities). May also prevent miscarriages. Even if you are breast-feeding is not advisable to use alcohol, because through the breast milk is alcohol in the body of the baby.

Effect on driving skills:
Alcohol reduces your perception, you see less what happened around you. And before you know ... * CRASH *! Collision!
Your delayed response, the control over your legs - and arms go back, allowing you to respond later than normal.
Your concentration is decreasing, the narcotic effect of alcohol makes you less attention.
Overconfidence, under the influence do you think more can and take more risks.

Alcohol does not hurt as much by 1รก 2 glasses per day continues. This would even have a protective effect for the development of heart and vascular diseases. Hard evidence lacking.

There are the disadvantages of (excessive) alcohol ... therefore: Always drink in moderation.


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