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Maximale hypotheek
There are no translations availableWilt u zakelijk gaan investeren? Of staat u op het punt een huis te kopen. Bereken dan zelf snel, makkelijk en overzichtelijk het bedrag dat u maximaal kunt lenen voor een hypotheek. Indien u weet wat u max...
Organ donation E-mail

Imagine. Your father of 50 bara's just too much and gets a massive heart attack. He is in the intensive care, doctors tried everything, but the only way to save him is a heart transplant. And donor hearts are unfortunately very scarce ...

It is not nice to death to think (at least for the majority then), it has something engs. But if it is good everyone is still sometimes death, and may therefore be useful to get to know you after your death was not useful for society. Due to organ donor, for example.

Netherlands (Western Europe, actually) has a huge shortage of organ donors. Personally I feel that the number of organ donors among immigrants relatively much lower than among natives. And that is unfortunate because there are more and more immigrants and transplants are trying to maximize genetic equality between organ and recipient so that the body accepts the donor organ. This means in practice that immigrants still less likely to receive a donor organ. And more chance of rejection of the body, if they do get one. Now the extreme right of course not that, but it is obviously a waste of human lives.

Why are people no organ donor? One of the reasons I have already mentioned. People dare not even to their death thinking. By filling out a donor card, it looks like your death certificate notes, as if death is closer. That is of course not. As far as I know, the Donor Registry is in the hands of the devil. Whether you need to Cook & Co. of course if the envoys of hell to see.

Another reason not to register the religion. Many people do not know whether their religion it allows your organs after your death to be used for other than cremation / burial. Personally I would not know, so I will here say little about. It seems only logical that you forever (and maybe even more) in hell because you will burn in this way other people want to help.

What strikes me is that ignorance is a major reason for people not to give up as a donor. There are all sorts of rumors that your organs be used while you are still alive and that sort of thing. People are afraid that if they sign up as organ donor, they plundered all, while they still had chances to survive. And when the bodies are removed, they have a chance of course not. Here I can happily say something (otherwise the article would still little useful information ...). Organs can only be used if the deceased donor is brain dead. This means that the brains no longer present (they are dead). Since you without your brains hard life can you so dead. This way of death is necessary, because the bodies still life. Bodies have blood, otherwise they die off. When a person is brain dead, the blood still temporary artificial continue. This gives doctors time to retrieve the bodies out and as soon as possible to transplant it in another.

Because a brain dead by the artificial circulatory still has a heartbeat, feels warm, and therefore actually behave like a completely dead should do, it seems as if he is still alive. This misunderstanding may arise that this is the case. But again, a brain dead is no way to live. Doctors are still not gods, although some people still like to believe too. It is true that a doctor does his best to save a patient. The doctor will not someone earlier death, because he / she donor (perhaps because the doctor the patient is not allowed, but not because the patient donor). The life of the patient comes first, there is possibility of donor only if it is brain dead. And the diagnosis is not brain dead after a very careful examination by the Brain Protocol. They are the following examinations prescribed (from

  1. Before the brain can be established, should meet certain conditions are met. Thus, certain causes of unconsciousness and response impunity (such as hypothermia and poisoning) were excluded and the brain damage onbehandelbaar are.
  2. Research the lack of awareness as brainstem reflexes appear.
  3. Additional research in the form of electroencephalograph (EEC) and an apnea test (breath test) should show that the brains electrical activity no more and no spontaneous respiration is greater.

It is therefore most useful to agree to consider the donorschap.Voor (much) more information about organ and weefseldonatie you can visit the website of the Foundation Donor Information on (internet is not difficult ...). One form takes little time and who knows after you make your own long, healthy and happy life that a child is not stressed. A nice thought to live and die.

Vishal Hira

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