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Maximale hypotheek
There are no translations availableWilt u zakelijk gaan investeren? Of staat u op het punt een huis te kopen. Bereken dan zelf snel, makkelijk en overzichtelijk het bedrag dat u maximaal kunt lenen voor een hypotheek. Indien u weet wat u max...
Matrubhoomi - A nation without women E-mail
Most Bollywood films that we know the commercial sweet juicy movies with a handsome hero and heroine. There are also films that is closer to reality and for those who can appreciate such films is the next film, if you have not seen you recommended. Former actress and Sridevi's husband Boney Kapoor for the distribution of this film already provided a number of international awards won and according to Time Magazine in the World 10 is a quotation: 'Matrubhoomi - A nation without women. "

The film begins where you see that a woman is to give birth. She is helped by the women from the village. Outside, the men wait. Not because they want to know if the baby is healthy, but to know whether a boy or a girl. The baby is a girl and that is bad news. The father let the crying baby drown in a bucket with milk. Something terrible, but in many villages in India is very recognizable. 'Matrubhoomi - A Nation Without Women' is a futuristic documentary and shows what can happen when women disappear from the society of India ... ... ....

According to a recent report released by UNESCO, approximately 50 million women have disappeared from the population of India, by simply discrimination against women. India, the country where women Vereertbrugghen as Goddess Kali and Durga. The film 'Matrubhoomi - A nation without women "is what the impact on men by the absence of women in their environment. The instability that may arise in the community by the absence of women is physical, emotional or mental nature. This is also the main subject of the film. It stresses how the absence of women inevitably leads to the neglect of all men and diluting what makes them human. The purpose of this film is the stress of abuse of women, who are not only limited to India.

The film examines these issues in a futuristic India, the eradication of young girls, women are practically extinct. The effect on men by the absence of women leads to the search for alternatives such as pornography, gay sexuality and extreme violence. When these men one girl in mind will be quickly sold by her father and eventually marries 5 brothers. All 5 and the father to use her in a brutal way for their male needs. She's looking for refuge with her father, but is blinded by money and let her fall. After her attempt to escape with the young employee, from the low caste is caused without intention that this was a war between members of different caste. They repeatedly raped by her family and members of low caste. This leads to a pregnancy and produce a baby in the world, a girl ... ... ... ..

The film is an ode to the beauty and power of women and the chaos that can result from physical and emotional absence in the community.
"Matrubhoomi-A nation without women" is the beginning of 2004, but on April 22 leading in 5 Indian languages are given. For these reasons, the film fully promoted so under the attention. The film also has a number of awards won:

Winner: FIPRESCI Award in non competetive section at the Venice Film Festival in 2003

Winner: Audience Award for Best Film at the Kozlin, Film Festival 2003, Poland

Winner: Audience Award for Best Foreign Film at the Thessaloniki Film Festival 2003

Winner: Audience Award for Best Film at the Indian Film Festival, Florence 2003

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