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Maximale hypotheek
There are no translations availableWilt u zakelijk gaan investeren? Of staat u op het punt een huis te kopen. Bereken dan zelf snel, makkelijk en overzichtelijk het bedrag dat u maximaal kunt lenen voor een hypotheek. Indien u weet wat u max...
Beauty Myth E-mail
There are many myths about your skin, hair, body, health and so on. Most is not true, but are well established. We have a number of these myths one by one put.

By more frequent cutting your hair grow faster ... ...
You probably already heard if you cut your hair but often grows faster, the longer and ultimately healthier. This fable is probably the baardgroei men, if it is shaved, the thicker back, but this occurs by the effect of male hormones. But that is not for the hair on your head.

With your hair cut, the only shorter, it has no effect on growth. The maximum length your hair can reach is hereditary and there is nothing to change.

Split the points to fix ...
Once split, is the only cut that will help you from there. There are many treatments gently against her split points. The only effect is that it what will shine, making it sound like. But they do nothing against the split itself.

An egg as its course ... ..
The lecithin in egg yolk protects it against drying out, but solidifies at body temperature. If you want your hair then rinse with warm water, the eggs are hard and solid to sit in your hair. And then the pieces of egg from your hair out. Not doing so!

Lemon juice and sunshine make your hair lighter ....
Many heard but not true. Oxygen in combination with UV radiation make sure it is lit.

Hundreds of success and brush your hair will shine ... ..
Quite. So much brushing makes her scales broken: it is porous and will crack. Also, the scalp produce more fat. morning and evening brushing time is more than adequate.

Toothpaste helps against spots ... ..
If a pimple is open, it is certainly not wise to make toothpaste to lubricate. The fluoride in toothpaste is a lot integral can just aggravate the inflammation. Some people swear by toothpaste in the battle against spots. Unfortunately, but not enough for that to spread out.

Dress thick to be feel more sick ... ..
You can let your body get used to more inclement weather by gradually your clothes to the seasonal adjustment. When you first start bit cold wearing thick, you'll be less resilient when it really just freezes and snows. Moreover, you if you get too hot dressing bevattelijker for pathogens

You can not retrieve your nose
Whether it neatly is half, but the fact is that your nose is better than retrieve blow your nose. By blow is the drainage of the mucus less. As a plus point, the retrieval of your nose that you have mucus in your sinuses wegzuigt, so you have less chance of inflammation. If you still want to blow your nose you can do better nostril to nostril. When both nostrils at the same time close means there is pressure in your nasal cavity and press your dirty particles in your sinuses, which increases the risk of ignition.

Sneezing, do you hand in your mouth ....
Many viruses spread by air. When coughing, sneezing or talking are tiny droplets of virus in your nose or your throat and if someone else is breathing, he may become infected. Your hand to mouth when you sneeze or cough is not enough to prevent this. Flu and cold viruses also spread from hand to hand to mouth. It is therefore important not only to your hand to your mouth, but also to wash your hands afterwards.

Not now at risk ... ..
Many people think that you literally barrel by cold drafts or winterkou, but that is not true. A cold is a viral infection of the upper airways. This has nothing to do with low temperatures, but with a low resistance. Cold viruses have free and before you know it, you walk to snivel and cough.

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