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Maximale hypotheek
There are no translations availableWilt u zakelijk gaan investeren? Of staat u op het punt een huis te kopen. Bereken dan zelf snel, makkelijk en overzichtelijk het bedrag dat u maximaal kunt lenen voor een hypotheek. Indien u weet wat u max...
Suritel is beneficial to call Suriname E-mail
Suritel is betrouwbaar en voordelig bellen naar Suriname
Led by telecommunications veteran Roy Samsoedien are a number of young telecom and ICT professionals started a telecom company that may be called remarkable. Suritel focuses on the Surinamese / Caribbean caller and provides a service for the call to Suriname (and many other countries) with a reliability and quality that is only used by KPN, but with a surprisingly low price.

Suritel start telecom services in 0900 with a service. This kind of service call with the caller simply fixed (KPN) 0900-9767 or mobile phone to review for example, and then the international country code for Suriname, 00,597, followed by the desired phone number to call Suriname.

Why a 0900 service, and no carrier select (16xy, eg Tele2) or preselect (same but without the need for testing 16xy)?

Director Roy Samsoedien:
"The 0900 offers many more benefits for the customer than a 16xy service. Registration is not necessary, you make use of Suritel when you want it, perhaps next to a Tele-2. Another big advantage is that this service both fixed telephone and mobile phone use while 16xy only fixed phone use is. Surinamese Because many users prefer a phone call or sometimes even no fixed phone have a great advantage. If you call with a subscription of eg € 0.11 you can for € 0.36 to call Suriname compared to the rates of Tele2, Scarlet, or mobile phone providers that prices between € 0.60 and € 1.00 charge. "

But what that says about the reliability and quality, because many providers all promise a low price for a good quality.

Dhr. Samsoedien:
"You have 2 types of providers: on the one hand, providers and KPN, Tele2, UPC, etc. and a second deal, sometimes a good-quality but relatively expensive starting at € 0.60 and up, usually around € 0.80 . On the other side, phone cards, etc. and Gnanam as many minutes for some, but mostly dubious quality and minimal minutes settlement know, if not worse. And more than once using the same card or code, there are unexplained losses or less minutes than promised. "

"Suritel offers a service that is always a second settlement, which has no funds to rumble, and has a very low price of € 0.25 cent, even lower than most belhuizen while just from home or elsewhere can call.

But how does it deal with? Do you pay anything in advance?

"No, you simply pay by phone account or your mobile provider KPN, post as always. That means that you immediately after the call on the Internet can see or Suritel nets has calculated."

Experience shows that many callers use International Calling Cards as Gnanam, Cobra, etc. The reason given customers often low price or the fact that you map a "maximum" edition can make. It limits your habits and keep the budget for international calls under control, and open secret, it's a good excuse to talk with Suriname to fracture. Suritel has a solution: not only are charged per second, € 0.25 per minute, but also, over 0900-9767, a maximum of 20 minutes (€ 5, -) per phone call with a warning of the impending end of the call in 19 minutes.

Suritel is not only much cheaper for calls to Suriname, including for example mobile phone or many other countries. The website that quickly compared. Suritel to a 16xy term service in the pen, but in addition or alteration tive for the 0900 service because the fixed national movement can be offered very cheap.

Will Suritel also other services?

we have very exciting and innovative services in planning, but they will only launch if they qualitatively match Suritel. Suritel expects its quality within a year the telecom services provider within the Surinamese community.

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