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Maximale hypotheek
There are no translations availableWilt u zakelijk gaan investeren? Of staat u op het punt een huis te kopen. Bereken dan zelf snel, makkelijk en overzichtelijk het bedrag dat u maximaal kunt lenen voor een hypotheek. Indien u weet wat u max...
How do I download a movie? (Part 1) E-mail
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Right now we can. I will first explain that an entire movie mostly around 1400 MB, the size depends on the quality used. Most movies use the format mpeg, avi, asf, mov or quiktime
What does MPEG stand for?
MPEG (pronounced like the M-peg) stands for Moving Picture Experts Group, and this means simply coding audiovisual information (eg movies, video, music) in a digital compressed format.

The major advantage of MPEG compared to other video formats and audiocodeer is that mpeg files are much smaller at the same picture and sound quality. This is because a particular mpeg compression technique used.

On the Internet, the mpeg files have the extension. Mpg (Video) and MPEG audio files usually have the extension. Mp2 or. Mp3

How do I play MPEG files?
Mpeg files, you can play media from Microsoft. And for audio playback, use the MP3 player eg Winamp or something similar.

What does AVI stand for?
AVI is a format used for video playback. You can also play media. If playback does not work with media player then you're probably a CODEC (see below) to download.

What does ASF stand for?
ASF stands for Advanced Streaming Format is like Real Video. The quality of these files is not really super is called. There may be full films less than 300 MB will be saved. It is ideal for users who do not have fast Internet connection. Playing these files through media. However you will need to download the appropriate CODEC and install it.

How are Movies on the Internet?
There are several ways to films on the Internet to offer. What people usually do in the Asian countries take a small camera in the cinema and that is well directed to the screen, then they take the movie to at home via an mpeg or other video editing card in their PC to load. Since they put the movie into a video format such as. mpeg, avi or asf. You already understand that the quality of the picture and sound quality is very low. Image is not clear and the sound is high frequency (vibrations per second) from your speakers.

Another method is to DVD / VCD and CD-I CD to rip (or copy it to the PC) The picture and sound quality is excellent.

In America, the films and cinema films much earlier on CD or DVD in the Netherlands. Usually it takes two months before a film in Dutch cinemas appears. Users with a fast Internet connection can have the newest movies directly from the Internet pluck.

On websites you can download the film are mostly illegal websites.
It seems that even some websites are sponsored by huge companies, because you can download movies you will draw thousands of visitors. The disadvantage is that you're hours away from the pop-up windows. You can also pop-up killer program download the windows automatically clicks for you.

CODEC stands for Coder / Decode software, and is actually a kind of add-on program for your media. There are several codecs available that is because the files as small as possible that you can only find the latest techniques. Click here to view the different CODEC's to see 1 of the most common CODEC is currently called DIVX click here to DIVX download ..

Next week I will explain what programs you need to download movies.

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