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Maximale hypotheek
There are no translations availableWilt u zakelijk gaan investeren? Of staat u op het punt een huis te kopen. Bereken dan zelf snel, makkelijk en overzichtelijk het bedrag dat u maximaal kunt lenen voor een hypotheek. Indien u weet wat u max...
If Haldol fails (part 2) E-mail
An experience with a hallucinating patient

And suddenly I heard it! A voice. Mrs. X and I looked at each other. Would it really be? Haunted indeed? Was that nice caretaker actually a brutal serial killer and his victims were under the Board of Mrs buried? Their souls would not rest before they had taken their revenge. X mistakenly saw them for their cruel murderer? Had my last hour beaten? I focused my ears. It seemed like a complaining wife. My heart began to beat in my throat. Slowly I turned to the direction in which the voice seemed to come ...

The door opened and there was a woman somewhere in the 40 within ('m never very good in estimating ages). "Oh hi, you are sure the medicine student. I'm Mrs Y, the daughter of X. The wife of the home had asked me to come, because my mother is annoying." Still a little suspicious I explained her the whole story. It was 21.15 and Y seemed to be a little angry. On her mother welt defined. Gedrriteerd she said to her mother that she just had not moan, had to take her medication and had to go to sleep. Mrs X was not really under the impression and told her daughter that she once had brutal foot hold. Mrs Y was further gedrriteerd and asked her mother what was just. She heard nothing she saw nothing, there was nothing. She asked her mother what they actually heard. This not too subtle approach was exactly the effect I expected. X said angry that nothing was happening and made the Y for rude snot (or something similar). Meanwhile I started I do not really feel at my ease there. The romantic horror atmosphere was replaced by a different atmosphere. The love between mother and daughter was clearly felt and I thought it perhaps would be wise to Y work to refurbish and let me not with these two ladies to interfere. Y I asked whether they cope and whether I go way up. Y said that it also something better to do and that they also went away. Her mother would be saying go to sleep if we were gone, she looked just attention. Now it seemed to me this is not completely correct, but since I thought that Y's mother would still be better than me and I generally do not have their own mind, I decided together with Mrs Y's room to leave. I not the only opportunist was revealed when we all Mrs X quietly behind us came running into the hall of the building.

In this hall there were two other resident and X was just nice to sit. Y was just a chat with the ladies, said something along the lines frustrated that her husband still had to pick up around 21.40 and she went home, me with X and the two ladies leaving. Mrs X did complain about her and her daughter but refused pertinent back to her room to go. When the two ladies to 21.50 but found it was about time to their own room to go over, I decided against knowingly Y's tactics to follow. If no one was X would probably return to her own room to go to sleep.

After ten minutes in my room over to my conscience began to gnaw it. I decided to go back down to see if Mrs X was gone. I quietly took the elevator, went to the hall and of course she was there. With my previous success in the entertainment room in my mind I began to convince her that it really was the best as she went to her room and that there was really nothing. Mrs X refused, she was too scared. Eventually I decided to 22.45 but the box of the caretaker to discuss and Y to call to ask what to do. After a lot of calls back and forth between Y, the home and myself, it was decided that I had to go to sleep and X in the hall had to leave. I had done what I could and was just not feasible. Exhausted I worked in the log. To 0.00 but I decided to go to sleep and walked into the hall. Madam X Saturday still awake in her chair. I wanted to wish her good night when suddenly something happened an hour ago I could only dream of. Sweet girl she asked me if she wanted to bring to her room, she wanted to sleep. Welcoming said that of course I could. I escorted her to her room and helped her dress. Mrs bed when I was, I wanted to leave, but I could not. I had just to keep her. The voices she heard no more, but she was still scared. I got all despondent at the prospect of the whole night with her to continue. Seconds seemed hours to 1.00 ... But if it was, I had to bed her. Those words sounded like music to my ears. I jumped up, wished her good night and hovering in my room again. I took a shower, polished my teeth and finally I could dive my bed.

I walked with a girl on a warm beach. The sun shone, the sea was calm. I looked at the girl in her shining eyes. I took my hand through her beautiful long hair and stroked her soft cheek. I gave her a kiss on her cute little top. They laughed when I loved her skirt reeds began to play. I started her to dispose of its coconuts BH, brought my lips to hers and ... BEEP BEEP BEEP. I was shocked awake and looked around me. Where? What? Who? How? Shit! Alarm! I jumped out of bed. No time to lose, maybe someone had a brain haemorrhage! I looked quickly at the clock. Six hours. Only dressed in my bermuda and T-shirt I ran from the room to see where I should be. Ground floor! Vishal to the rescue! Hey wait ... Ground floor? Lives there ... It would not? No hc? I feared the worst. I took the lift down. Yeah, my fears proved well founded. It was obviously Mrs X. With my master key, opened her door. Madam Saturday upright in bed. Strangely enough this time they seemed not afraid. Outraged she started telling me that "they" had the child outside fixed! They would kill the child, we had to save him. X, the baby clearly hear the screaming for help. At the request of Mrs I looked outside. Nothing to see of course. Zuchtend I told her that there was nothing and that they had to go back to sleep. They picked up that is not. I had to call the police. I quietly explained that that was not necessary, there was nobody outside, there was also much too early for that. I told her that I only went back in my bed. However, when Mrs grip to the phone, it seemed sensible to me the game but to play. I grabbed the phone and pretended I tested a number. While Ms heard the dial tone told me how a baby was outside tied. I laid down. Mrs was pleased. They have asked whether the police would come. I assured her that there soon would be agents. She began by saying that the child not have to be afraid. And then she said angrily that those who were abused as children certainly would be caught. I started it a certain respect for Mrs X to get. They had (in her experience) to deal with kidnappers and murderers, but she was brave enough to want to save the child. Of fear was not of heroism and indignation even more. When I was in her shoes, I would long to have my mom gerend.

Although I still really respect demanded my bed. When I was a genius. I told Mrs I in the lobby of the police would wait. She was trying to sleep, everything would be fine. My plan was obviously to go to sleep if I was away, but Mrs kicked unfortunately not. I could not leave, she was too scared. What I also said I could not convince her. I just could not go. Eventually, I but to share in the hall to await the police. That was a much better idea. Saampjes but we went to the hall. When we were comfortable, I asked her if I could go to my room for me to dress. If not. I heard voices or not? That laughter? No, but I wanted to really do anything else, I felt not very comfortable in my sleeping clothes. X stated that if I wanted a shower and if necessary change, that I then had to take to my room. That seemed to me not a very good idea, so I kept on sitting in the hallway with her. It was also empty in the corridor. Occasionally, a resident came and passed. Seconds seemed hours ... Then, at eight hours, then finally came clean. She was going clean sweep. I asked Mrs X or I could go, now the maid was there. I could. When I stood up she still finds me. "You are a treasure of a boy, thank you." I got a lump in my throat. Shy, I said that my job was and I went upstairs.

When I half hours later came down I was the caretaker, who already had come to hear that X was brought to the doctor. Eventually she got heavier drugs, the HaldolN they had was not enough. But that was all I noticed ...

Vishal Hira

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