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Maximale hypotheek
There are no translations availableWilt u zakelijk gaan investeren? Of staat u op het punt een huis te kopen. Bereken dan zelf snel, makkelijk en overzichtelijk het bedrag dat u maximaal kunt lenen voor een hypotheek. Indien u weet wat u max...
Before the bomb is E-mail

I was with some friends to chat on the day the brothers WTC relatively simple but effective way to the ground were made. While we are listening to the radio power, we (and the rest of the world) not to apply pressure to fantasize about a possible Third World War. Would it come? Did not Nostradamus predict? Had he not better able to keep his mouth? Would Spielberg film rights have already been purchased? Is Good times, bad times tonight on TV? And GTST spoken, it would be no disaster if you later with the atomic bomb was thrown? If we survive, our children under 4 eyes (can be useful!) And 2 noses due to radiation?

When writing this eh ... writing, it seems there is now no more that a WOIII will. Almost every country in the world behind the U.S. approval in the fight against terrorism, personalized by the ever-frightening Osama bin Laden. Nostradamus seemed indeed to have predicted something like this. Maybe he does Osama ideas and he had therefore better able to keep his mouth. Or Spielberg film rights have already been purchased is still unknown to me, but it seems to me very recently that Bin Laden traveled to Hollywood to have signed a contract to continue. GTST was as far as I know indeed been canceled. And the atomic bomb still ... Tsja, given the fact that the Taliban are not against conventional weapons and they can now almost eradicated, it seems to me that there is still strong with atomic bomb gepingpongd will be. Nevertheless it is interesting to look to the arms so that many of the imagination ...

The operation
First it seems useful to look how an atomic bomb actually works. In principle this is for many in high school already treated, but given the half-life of knowledge in medicine that I have gained, I think it useful as a quick reminder.
An atomic bomb works on the principle of nuclear fission. What does this principle mean? Well, it's actually quite simple. Take a neutron, a neutral nuclear particle loaded so. Take then a molecule such as the (fairly stable) uranium isotopes 235U (the number represents the number of particles in the nucleus of the atom, protons and neutrons). What we then do is the neutron to the core of the molecule shooting. Daarme is obtained 236U, which is very unstable. This key is then also split, with a hefty dose of energy. Simple principle, easy to do at home. With 1 kg of uranium can the dishwasher for the rest of your life running, so you still have something too. The wise among us will be well aware that nuclear energy generated in this way. The less smart to know that now. But apart from the dishwasher to run out, the energy thus less pleasant purposes.
Now it seems not very efficient to separate each key with a neutron to harass and it is not. Fortunately that does not. In nuclear fission, there is a chain reaction to take place. The core which is split is split into 2 smaller nuclei and a few neutrons. These neutrons released may again come to other centers for a complete knock-on effect to occur. This is indeed true until the fissile cores of. In this way, in very short time a very large amount of energy is created and that is exactly what happens when an atomic bomb. A large energy release in a relatively small space, of course, provides a huge explosion. It is useful in your mind as your dishwasher to run on uranium.

The Effects
Now we will know how it works bomblet, we will examine exactly what damage is done. In principle, the three damage.

First, the air wave of the explosion. Just like a normal bomb, the explosion caused a huge blast. A nuclear bomb can, however, some thousands of times more powerful than a normal bomb, so you can you imagine that little more houses will be up. The same applies to humans.

Second is the huge amount of energy of course a huge heat radiation developed, which ensures that the few houses still standing, in flames will merge. Here you can "houses" of course, replaced by "people".

The third and most imaginative effect is the radiation released when our friend gets. The neutron and gamma radiation produced, directed not material, but organic damage. Or by acute radiation, all living creatures within a few minutes to weeks to the lead. Here it is not. After the explosion, there are radioactive particles in the atmosphere and (possibly after the wind blown over long distances to be) re-precipitation and a whole area "radio go. This creates not only range, but also beta-and alpha radiation. Whatever the consequences of this Greek alphabet are, obviously depends on the strength and half-life.

Now, it is true that there are different types of nuclear bombs, which the above effects in varying degrees to bring expression. For example, a hydrogen bomb (which according to the principle of fusion works) more pressure and heat damage and low radiation damage, while the little neutronenbom correct material and much organic damage.

As I said earlier, the third effect of the atomic bomb is the most interesting. Of course it is nice to see how many pieces of a human body can exist and what can not prevent fires in your body, but it remains exciting as the "invisible" danger.
Alpha and beta radiation delivered only danger in direct contact (in the form of burns), so we will only focus on gamma radiation. What is it with you?

As we have seen, there is an early and a late effect of radiation. The early impact of the effect on the tissues, especially in the water. The radiation turns the water (through intermediate steps and by the collision of particles, etc.) into OH radicals. This is not so pleasant, because OH radicals rather devastating effect. As a man still a significant amount of water can be quite poignant.

The long term effects are of course genetic level. Radiation can also have a devastating effect on the DNA. Neutrons and photons jobs are a path through the nucleus and kick all those neatly arranged chromosomes completely confused. The neutrons and electrons flying from left to right and the result is damage to the nitrogen bases, breaks in the DNA and the emergence of false DNA-protein compounds. Of course this type of damage occurs daily and the cell normally enough mechanisms to restore the lot, but you can imagine that an overdose of damage, these repair mechanisms no longer cope. They can not track whether they are mistakes (they are just people!), And so can lead to mutations in the DNA. It is therefore likely to malignant degeneration of cells, organ dysfunction, protein abnormalities, you name it. If the germ cells are the victims than the doomsday view of the mutated children complete.

The practice
All that gefilosofeer about what actually can happen if a nuclear war, is of course very nice. But what is realistic and what is not? Unfortunately, we have a fairly clear answer to this question, since America has been so kind this time to Japan for testing. The results are indeed somewhat predictable. It appears that the survivors of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in increased suffering from malignancies and especially leukemia. Also they were more to have cataracts and a strong force of bijschildklier. Children also appeared to have delayed growth and development. Also mensjes in the womb were exposed to radiation had experienced there, as well as chromosomal and congenital abnormalities. Interestingly enough, the children of the survivors have no increased risk of abnormalities. In one way or another, so that would mean that sex is a better cell repair mechanism, or less sensitive to radiation.

And we can now finally answer the outstanding questions. It would be indeed a disaster if there atomic bomb would be thrown. Except that you really a doctor shortage would have (in part because more patients, partly because many doctors in pieces on the ground) and the value of the land drops significantly, you get the long term a significant reduction of life and -- quality. And the children of survivors four eyes and 2 noses will get? Maybe, but the chance that the bomb, is minimal.

This piece is in processed form from O'Dokter # 5 2001 30th year

Vishal Hira

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