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Maximale hypotheek
There are no translations availableWilt u zakelijk gaan investeren? Of staat u op het punt een huis te kopen. Bereken dan zelf snel, makkelijk en overzichtelijk het bedrag dat u maximaal kunt lenen voor een hypotheek. Indien u weet wat u max...
How do I download a movie? (Part 2) E-mail
We have the theory part already described in the previous section. We shall now describe the programs that are suitable for films and other programs to download.
You can use a program (Newsbin, Free Agent, Newspro) the thousands of newsgroups on the internet and participate in discussions with millions of other Internet users. Newsgroups containing messages sent by other internet users are placed. You can also enter by posting. Newsgroups have been in use since the beginning of the Internet and have developed their own etiquette. Each newsgroup has a topic and it is the best to that subject. You can ask questions or answers to questions in the messages given.

What are binaries?
Music, pictures and movies as appendices attached to specific newsgroups. These attachments are called "Binaries" because it is a non-readable texts. The files are stored in a special format depending on the type of file, such as images that are usually stored in a compressed JPEG format (or. Jpg file extension) is called. Films are also stored in a compressed AVI or MPEG (. Avi or. mpg file extension) format. MP3's can also be compressed. Manually these binaries from the new group benefit is a complex process. You can not use the attachment to your PC to download and watch the result. Binaries are in ASCII format on the news servers. For a binary to download a program that decodes ASCII format in the original format. To make it even more complex, the greater a binary (eg movies) is all the more binary sections must be downloaded. For example, a movie of 700 MB is split into binary messages of about 50 parts.

One of the easiest program to download binaries to Newsbin. We will explain step by step how to download movies with this program ..

Step 1
See if your Internet provider a news server holds. You can find out by visiting their home to check and / or your account data. As an example, I take the internet provider UPC.

The news server of UPC in Amsterdam is:

This server will be set later in the program Newsbin.

Step 2

Download the program Newsbin
Click here to download Newsbin.

Step 3

Install the program and start it.

Step 4

If you run the program for the first time you see the picture below. Click "Next" (See Intro 1)

Intro 1 Click "Next"

Intro 2 Fill in the "Server Name" your news server.

Intro 3 As an example I completed.

Intro 4 Click "Next" (Here you will not need to change settings)

Intro 5 Click "Finish" (Installation Complete)

Main 1 This is the start screen

Intro 6 Go through "Preferences .." to "Options" You can change the download folder and the number of days back to look and how many connections there may be active simultaneously. (In our example this is 2)

Intro 7 Go back to the start screen and click on the icon "Groups" then check your "Group Name Search" and "Display Containing Groups" on it.

8 Intro to the list of newsgroups to get you click on "Download Groups (I have put as a search word A2000)

Intro 9 Then check the new group that you need to do, I have as an example "a2000.beeld.binaries" checked. Then click "OK"

Intro 10 You will now see that the New Group "a2000.beeld.binaries" is added.

Intro 11 Now double-click the new group and you see a green box with an arrow appears, this means that he now download all the messages posted.

Intro 12 Headers (messages) see the beam "Downloading Articles" I have as "The Ninth Gate" is checked. You will see that there are a total of 42 binaries, which you all will have to download the movie to see.

I have downloaded and the corresponding parts now?
If all parts are hedownload eg r.00 to r.42 and. Rar (These are files that you can unpack it with the program Winrar) you'll have to check every part the same size. For example: when r.00 to r.42, each part 20 MB and was a part r.10 a size of 19.5 MB that is part is not good and should be re download. There is one exception and that is the last section. The size is usually smaller and that makes sense. The. Rar is the same size so eg 20 MB.
If any part is properly downloaded, use the program Winrar to extract the parts Unrarren or unpacking. This takes about 10 minutes. AND KLAARRRRRRRRRR!

Another method is to download a movie through the chat program mIRC to use. Choose a chat room DALnet server and type: / join # movies or / join # VCD etc etc. ..... Short game a bit and you'll find what you are looking for.

Another popular program for movies to download hot Kazaa and works min
or more of the same method as the previously known Napster.

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