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Maximale hypotheek
There are no translations availableWilt u zakelijk gaan investeren? Of staat u op het punt een huis te kopen. Bereken dan zelf snel, makkelijk en overzichtelijk het bedrag dat u maximaal kunt lenen voor een hypotheek. Indien u weet wat u max...
Sudden infant death syndrome E-mail

One of the worst things you could as a parent is that your heart healthy baby dead in the crib death is found. This phenomenon known as sudden infant death syndrome, in English also known as the Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS), has by definition an unknown cause. There are known risk factors and avoidance of these factors reduces the risk of cot death considerably.

In the Netherlands is to prevent sudden infant death syndrome for good the last few decades substantially. Nevertheless it is still to show babies even after the information to be exposed to the risk factors. Parents often forget in their enthusiasm certain things or are there misconceptions. I will here briefly a few points that the risk of sudden infant death syndrome greatly reduced.

Location sleep. Babies on the belly to sleep to give a huge boost the risk of sudden infant death syndrome. If the baby goes to sleep, put him always on the back, not even on it! If the baby is awake he can on his stomach out.

Sleeping equipment. In children under 2 years (the age at which sudden infant death syndrome still exists) should not be used bedding. A duvet is too warm, so the child probably lost its heat is not possible. This would be the reason may be that sudden infant death syndrome often occurs in the winter months, the children are too hot bepakt. Use a baby's blanket.
The use of a cushion for the kids is dangerous.

Sleeping. The safest place for a baby to sleep is to put in a cot in the parents' room. In a separate room or in the parents' bed is not recommended, especially if the parents have alcohol or smoking.

Smoking. A familiar point, but unfortunately it happens more often. Smoking in presence of the baby. Even babies that passive smoking with parents show an increased risk of sudden infant death syndrome to have. And of course, not only in sudden infant death syndrome, but also in many other disorders. Smoking in presence of the baby may in fact not.

Other factors. It is shown that babies who are breastfeeding and babies who use a pacifier, sudden infant death syndrome is less frequent. Any breastfeeding is better to have a minimum of 6 months.

Sudden infant death syndrome is unfortunately unavoidable. Even if all risk factors would disappear, then there will be babies to die. The risk of sudden infant death syndrome is very much as the risks are avoided. It is therefore wise to you here as much as possible to keep. That gives it a secure feeling.


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