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Maximale hypotheek
There are no translations availableWilt u zakelijk gaan investeren? Of staat u op het punt een huis te kopen. Bereken dan zelf snel, makkelijk en overzichtelijk het bedrag dat u maximaal kunt lenen voor een hypotheek. Indien u weet wat u max...
Cuban music legends from November 30 in Pepsi Stage Amsterdam E-mail
'The Bar at Buena Vista, stirring Cuban music from November 30 to December 16 for the first time in Holland!

The Amsterdam Concert Companions producer brings original Cuban music to the Netherlands. 'The Bar at Buena Vista' from November 30 to December 16 Pepsi Stage in Amsterdam to see. The lead musicians from the international theater show are not subject to the successful musicians in the world famous company "The Buena Vista Social Club '. Together with the best Cuban musicians and dancers tell the musical genien ranging in age from 81 83 to 87 years on the music throughout Cuba on its front. Character voices, passionate music and swinging salsa of "The Bar at Buena Vista 'an unforgettable evening. Do not miss this particular company does not, before it is too late ..

The International theater show 'The Bar at Buena Vista' leads you through the streets of Havana to a Cuban bar. The musicians lead, "the grandfather of the Cuban Music, the still are: the fire, the passion and rhythm of the Cuban 'Son'. Together they have more than earned their spurs in the most famous bands of Cuba. The men have never stopped playing and in 'The Bar at Buena Vista' coming together again.

The intoxicating music from 'The Bar at Buena Vista "is an ode to old Havana. Silent Sitting is impossible, everyone in the room is, flip, move, sing or want to dance acute and preferably all at once. The quantities of traditional Cuban music by Cuban music veterans brought back to life. Most of all musicians, the 70 years already passed, but with 'The Bar at Buena Vista is located in another time in another environment. Cuban dance is about passion and poetry, everything is reflected in an erotic, sophisticated and flattering dance between man and woman. Young stands for beauty, but in Cuba they think differently, in 'The Bar at Buena Vista are the veterans of the great stars of the' Golden Age '. Cuban music is not just music but a lifestyle, 'The Cuban Style. According to musician Reynaldo Creagh owes his good health and vitality of music, cigars, rum and women, but not necessarily in that order.

'The Bar at Buena Vista "is an exhilarating and original show by Toby Gough and consists of the best Cuban singers, dancers and musicians. Special guests: Jose "Maracaibo" Castateda, guitar; Gonzalez Guillermo Rubalcaba, piano; Reynaldo Creagh, vocals; Xiomara Valdes, vocals, Carlos Gonzalez, percussion, Julio PadrĂ³n, trumpet; Ricardo Munoz Martinez, bass; Barbara Ferrer Sanchez, percussion; Jorge Boulet, piano and Emilio Del Monte, percussion.

1 / 2 'The Bar at Buena Vista', for anyone who wants to enjoy an evening of Cuban topmuzikanten, passionate music, poetry, Cuban style, exhilarating rhythms and an unprecedented atmosphere that you no longer released.

'The Bar at Buena Vista is shown Pepsi Stage in Amsterdam on November 30 and December 16. More information can also be found on Cards can be ordered by phone or via 0900 to 300 in 5000

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