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Maximale hypotheek
There are no translations availableWilt u zakelijk gaan investeren? Of staat u op het punt een huis te kopen. Bereken dan zelf snel, makkelijk en overzichtelijk het bedrag dat u maximaal kunt lenen voor een hypotheek. Indien u weet wat u max...
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Fasting month of Ramadan is one of 'the five pillars of Islam. " These pillars are:

1. The sjahadah (the faith)
This means: There is no other god but Allah and Muhammad is His servant and prophet.

2. The salat (prayer)
Five times a day obligatory prayer praying with the face towards Mecca.

3. The Zakat (poor tax)
Give alms to the poor.

4. The saum (fasting)
During the Ramadan fasting between sunrise and collapse.

5. The Haj (pilgrimage)
At least 1 time in life make a pilgrimage to Mecca.

Ramadan is the ninth month of the Islamic maceutical year and this year is determined by the state of the Monday Islamic year has twelve lunar months are 29 or 30 days exist. A total of 354 days. The Islamic calendar begins maceutical therefore about eleven days earlier than our solar year of 365 days. Therefore, Ramadan each year on a different date begins.

Ramadan is an annual fasting month in Islam. It is the month when Allah revealed the Quran. This month, when two Muslim scholars, the new crescent moon in the sky view.
During Ramadan Muslims may not eat, drink, smoke or have sexual intercourse, as long as the sun is. Thanks God for everything, for everything He has given man. Children, sick, old people, menstruation and pregnant women are exempt from fasting.

Fasting is invalid if you aware, eat, drink (or smoke) between dawn and sunset. When this happens, because we had forgotten that you have, then you just go fast. The fasting is still valid in this case.
Fasting is also invalidated by deliberate vomiting, temporary loss of resistance to, at a birth, when menstruation occurs between dawn and sunset, and having sexual intercourse during this period of the day.

Be aware Ramadan broken, it must be fine as the day to catch up and lost 60 days as punishment overtake. The total comes to 61 days. This must happen for the next Ramadan, unless prevented by illness or a continuing journey.
Are you able to fast for Ramadan and the next you do not, then you are still bound to the target. There is a meal to a needy should be provided for each non gevaste day.

For having sexual intercourse in Ramadan between dawn and sunset (after this period is allowed), the day gevaste not be obtained and the Holy Quran a slave be freed. The release of a slave is today quite difficult, therefore, meets 60 days fasting and also if this is not done, then you need 60 for a meal.
When a Muslim during sleep had an ejaculation, he may request the meal before the fast begins, just consuming. He then called the great wash (ghoesl) to provide for the sunrise.
Also is it that people between the dawn and the sunrise one ejaculation get in touch unclean condition and fails to address the major washing services for sunrise. Or unaware by sleeping until after sunrise. In that case you can not participate in the morning prayer. That day it is permitted to fast, but we must quickly take the big washing, it is not allowed on unclean by them.

The faithful differences or fasting accepted if not pray. Fasting and prayer are two forms of worship (ibadah). Even if not prayers, is it wise to fasting, because if God willing, it will be fasting and will accept the failure of prayer separately punished.

Fasting in Islam is primarily a spiritual discipline. The temptation is great to satisfy your hunger and your thirst for lessons when food home. However overcome this temptation, every day for a whole month, with a target closer to the Divine Being to come. You can use your best food and yet you prefer to stay hungry or thirsty you can drink cool with lessons, but still fresh power of your thirst. You get food or drink, because you should not do at God's command. Nobody will see you when you sneak in the house what to eat or drink. The awareness of the proximity to God is so developed that you do not drop your tongue to drink. Whenever you turn in is temptation, try to overcome, because just at critical moments, the inner voice: 'God is with me, God sees me. "
No devotion, no matter how fervently this is, the consciousness of the near-to-be-God and of His omnipresence, as a fasting day to day for a Monday

There is also a moral discipline underlies the fast, because you learn it the greatest moral lesson of your life. The lesson, which you prepared for the worst deprivation through and the sharpest affliction to endure, but to submit to what he is not allowed. That lesson every day of the month repeated. Such as physical exercises strengthen the body, so also reinforces moral exercise by fasting the moral side of life. The idea that everything is illegal, and avoid the evil to be hated, as is the fasting developed.
Instead of a slave to your lusts and desires, you are its master and moral lessons to teach you that your earthly joys to overcome. The person who can control his desires, he can work as he wants and in whom the will is so highly developed that he himself is master, the true moral greatness be achieved.

In addition to the spiritual and moral value, fasting also has a social value. The residents of a neighborhood, rich and poor, high or low, the mosque together on a footing of complete equality. In this way, by the prayer (the namaaz) healthy social relationships created. The appearance of the moon in the month of Ramadan not only in that one area, but calls for a huge movement that the entire Muslim world effect.
The rich and poor stand shoulder to shoulder in the mosque, but at home the rich have much more to food than the poor. The tendencies of hunger are rjiken completely strange, how can one feel for others and participation with him feel? This may be the same as the rich if the poor, not for 1 or 2 days, but for an entire Monday The rich and the poor on the whole world equally informed by between sunrise and sunset, not eating or drinking. Of course, the food is still not the same, the rich must be satisfied with less and then their poor brother believe it more closely. This line creates doubt feeling at the rich and for this reason it is prescribed in the month of Ramadan to support the poor.
Giving the Zakat el-Fitr (alms) is required. This contribution should be given to the poor to also enable them to participate in the celebration of the feast at the end of Ramadan. The Zakat el Fitr can from the first day of Ramadan data, but at the latest before the start of the feast prayer to be given.

It sounds paradoxical, but abstain from food only increases the appetite. The rest, to the digestive organs are given, give them more power, just as fallow country that the rest productive. Since all organs of the body so are the rest strengthened their capacity. And the better the ability of the digestive organs are, the healthier the physical growth of humans.

The Tarawih literally means' rest 'and the name of the prayer between isja (night prayer) and fadjr (morning prayer) is performed. This is in accordance with a ruling of the prophet Mohamed (peace be upon him): 'When someone qiyam-Ramadan (the tarawih-prayer) performed because of his faith in God and in the hope of the pleasure of God, God will sins he has committed in the past, forgive. "
The Tarawih-Prayer begins in the evening for the first fasting day and ends the night before the last fast.

On the 27th Ramadan, the Lailat el-Kadr, the Night. Then we remember the night for the first time the Quran was revealed.
The month of Ramadan is more valuable than the other months and Leilat el-Kadr is more valuable than a thousand months. In this night God sends the decision out of all virtuous and good business. When an appeal is in this extraordinary night will with God's will be accepted.

Immediately after the end of Ramadan is celebrated suikerfeest (eid-ul-Fitr). This happens with different families. Many visits to family and friends and there are sweets included. Therefore, this festival also called suikerfeest said. As a reward for fasting may exuberant eaten. The relationship with the families, it strengthens. Eid ul Fitr begins when the new moon can be seen and lasts three days. morning it is to the mosque to thank God.

The Ramadan month is for me a valuable month, because it creates unity among Muslims. More important is the fact that you learn to control lust. You are much more quiet in the things you do. To fight with someone you're looking for, then it is wiser to run away. Obviously, it is not good to quarrel in this Monday Also you must watch what you say, cursing is a bad example. In other words you are more than normal to ensure that you are not sins. You try for good deeds to perform, which are extra blessed this month, so to speak.
Often people think that fasting means that you have no food and drink, but goes much further, as you hopefully have realized on the basis of this article. The moral application is much heavier than the resistance of food and drink.


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