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Maximale hypotheek
There are no translations availableWilt u zakelijk gaan investeren? Of staat u op het punt een huis te kopen. Bereken dan zelf snel, makkelijk en overzichtelijk het bedrag dat u maximaal kunt lenen voor een hypotheek. Indien u weet wat u max...
Illegal cocaine use: dangerous! E-mail

What are drugs?

Drugs influence consciousness means, in use by humans can cause damage to health and damage to society. You can drugs into 2 groups: soft and hard drugs. The classification is let on the physiological (life teachings of operations ) and psychological effects of the substance to the user. Cocaine can be administered in different ways: nasal (through the nose), oral (by mouth), Tracheal (eg smoking crack, cocaine) or intravenously (injection into a vein).


It uses the following criteria:

  1. Psycholeptica (sedatives), it has a soothing effect. It suppresses the mental functions. Some examples: the opioids (morphine, heroin), alcohol.
  2. Psychoanaleptica (stimulants), has a specific effect on sick mind (consciousness is bijwijze speak off, so they will rest). Examples include: cocaine, amphetamine, nicotine, caffeine.
  3. Psychodysleptica (hallucinogens), this affects the psychological structure, disappearance of fear. Some examples LSD, THC (cannabis, hasjies, marhiuana), XTC.

Effects of cocaine on the physiological and the psyche of man.

Cocaine is a alkaoïde from the leaves of the coca Erythoxylon. This plant comes from the high Andes in South America. After the coca leaves are processed with different chemicals, the cocaine sold. Cocaine is both legally and illegally in the medicine used in the street. Illegal cocaine sold on the street is often distorted. This cocaine are sugars such as mannitol, lactulose, glucose or local anesthetic agents such as lidocaine, procaine added.

Cocaine indirectly stimulates the sympathetic nervous system, when you're active. This is because the cocaine reinstatement of neurotransmitters (chemicals involved in the incentive transfer) handyhusker increase aline, dopamine blocking. This blockade occurs in the synapsspleet (contact between nerve units 2) an abundance of these neurotransmitters.

Cocaine is transferred by the plasma choline esterase (enzyme appearing in the motor end plates of the nervous system) and by oxidation in the liver. The plasma choline esterase transferring more than 80% of the cocaine into two inactive metabolites: ecogonine-methyl ester and benzoylecgonine. By oxidation in the liver, 10% of the cocaine in an active over the norcocaïne.

The operation of this active substance is similar to that of cocaine. Because the operation of norcocaïne similar to that of cocaine is to declare that a low plasma choline estrase an extended effect and a higher risk of secondary complications of cocaine. Approximately 1-5% of the cocaine is ongemetaboliseerd excreted by the kidneys. The half-time of cocaine after intravenous administration and approximately 30-60 minutes after sniffing it is 60-90 minutes. The effects and complications of cocaine are dependent on the amount of cocaine that the brains, and the extent to which the body is able to transfer the cocaine and eliminate.

Effects of cocaine?

Cocaine is often (illegally) because this increases the vote (the so-called causes a feeling of well-being, good mood), the fatigue is suppressed, the user is more concentrated and especially confident feel. Besides the positive effects are also negative effects: anxiety, delusions, increased irritability, suspicion, aggression, hallucinations. And a lot of talk, whether or not sensible.
Toxic effects of cocaine can be expected from a dose of 1.0 mg / kg and from a plasma concentration of 0.1 mg / l.

Cocaine balls

How do you deal with cocaine use another?
Prohibit or attempt to block is not very useful. Panic and threats have previously counterproductive effect. Frank exchange of views on the basis of good information and without prejudices can help.
This makes it possible to raise how much and why the other is used. Regular use indicates where problems may be rectified by the user and with (professional) assistance of others.
Both for the problem user and his environment applies: Do not to ask for advice and help.

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