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Maximale hypotheek
There are no translations availableWilt u zakelijk gaan investeren? Of staat u op het punt een huis te kopen. Bereken dan zelf snel, makkelijk en overzichtelijk het bedrag dat u maximaal kunt lenen voor een hypotheek. Indien u weet wat u max...
Size does matter 2 E-mail
ImageOok for bags and accessories such as jewelry and watches applies: 'the right size and quantity can be a lot of difference! ". This sounds a bit excessive for some people but it can also affect how comfortable you there is. People that are interested or work a lot to do with clothing, you will almost all say that the right bag and accessories can literally make your outfit and break. Despite that this is a matter of taste, it is worth it to pay and we therefore further back.

Bags have you for various occasions and most of us, the bag also seen as something practical in place, it is seen as a fashion article. Especially for those people it is important that the bag (which you often contributes daily) is comfortable! As clothing is indeed decisive for your picture, so that if your bag. When buying a bag so you can look at the following points:

1. Take the time to buy a bag and see not only the brand or price, but also to the quality. If this bag is a daily or very often used, it must be comfortable to wear, so that test in the shop. Note that the hinges are nice feel, the material from which it was not irritate you, etc. If you actually used the bag, you really how important is the comfort of a bag.

2. Are you someone who does not want to engage the bag belongs to which outfit do you like that all nonsense? Buy a bag with a neutral color. A black bag fits almost everything you wear.

3. A bag sets pressure on certain parts of your body. Now is the best important to know that the shape of the bag also has an effect on your figure. Are you small or a bit around, you can opt for a smaller or narrower bag. But what are you longer or leaner, then you can very well opt for a round bag. This makes a real difference, just go to the mirror and try it out!

ImageJe've often heard that not all sunglasses at all. A round head can appear rounder by wearing sunglasses with round glasses. Because not everyone is the same, there are different types and sizes to find sunglasses.

However, if you're looking for whatever form best suits your face fits, you better look at the shape of your face. Below are some guidelines: (Are you not sure? Then a visit to an optician, who can you also something about that!).

Do you have a round face
- Go for more than square or rectangular, instead of round glasses.

Do you have a diamond formation face (high cheekbones and a thin triangular chin)
- Then you can choose the best sunglasses with oval-shaped glasses, this softens the sharp contours of your face.

Do you have an oval face
- Then you will almost all frames are good. Experiment with new models!

Do you have a somewhat square or angular face (strong jaw line, broad forehead)
- Select correct for circular glass

In a long or diamond shaped face (occurs more often in men)
- Can you give the face a little shorter to seem the best choice for a frame that is not too broad. Round or square glass are both great in this type face.

There is also still something to say about the color
When Asians or people with an olive-like color to silver or gold frames are very nice, because it is more in harmony with the color of your skin. Completely black, a heavy accent, so just doing that on.

People who have slightly darker in color, a metallic color or amber color is very nice. Black frames are also an option but this allows you two ways: they can be very good or just not at all.

What jewelry you wear and the amount is very personally that we are not more than necessary about to say.

You better too little than too much wear jewelry. The fact is that if your jewelry is too much attention is drawn to the jewelry and not the person. A jewelry can accentuate: a nice neck can better come with a small chain. Be careful with too much gold, especially women can seem a lot older by.

If you find that your nose a little too large, you can assume that a nose piercing (how small, cute or beautiful form) only emphasizes your nose instead of that he also adorns. People who believe that they have a short neck, do well to take a thinner chain. Here again the opposite technique: if you have a body of yourself too thin or too thin, you find yourself a bit heavier wear jewelry. Do you have a body of yourself too thin, wear small subtle jewelry. This way you create the right effect.

If you just important that people see how much jewelry, gold or diamonds you like some famous rappers do today, is nothing but too crazy. Two Rolex on each wrist, a very teeth of gold, you name it. You see immediately what the purpose and effect of wearing too much jewelry.

Jamilah Djorai

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