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Maximale hypotheek
There are no translations availableWilt u zakelijk gaan investeren? Of staat u op het punt een huis te kopen. Bereken dan zelf snel, makkelijk en overzichtelijk het bedrag dat u maximaal kunt lenen voor een hypotheek. Indien u weet wat u max...
Akshay Kumar, onbekroonde king of Bollywood? E-mail
For all Akshay Kumar fans, we have an interview recently that the actor has to Kunal M Shah. Akshay has openly about producing his affair with Katrina Kaif and the rivalry between him and co-actor Shahrukh Khan.

Q: Singh is Kinng is one of the films which will soon find that people very high expectations. What are your feelings towards such high expectations?

A: ¨ Sometimes I lose myself in the expectations, but I think it is natural that people are so great to watch one of my favorite projects. Expectations can be very scary, but it is better than nothing at all that people expect. So I just wait out. ¨

Q: It is said that you title the film Singh is Kinng have conceived.

A: ¨ That's right. When I Bhool Bhulaiya in the filming was in Jaipur, I saw a Sikh truck driver with a sticker on his car which was' Sing is King "I have Vipul Shah immediately called and said that this is a good name for the movie. ¨

Q: Singh is Kinng is the first film with Hari order Productions in the title. What kind of deal you agreed and what is your rate?

A: ¨ If you give me more personal questions to you as my accountant. My whole life is not for sale, you know. ¨

Q: You have a very long producing. Should you so long about it?

A: ¨ What do you mean I have very long wait? There is no time limit? I have always done what I do best and I love to do and that is make films. Just because half of the industry to produce well, does not mean I'm too late. I do things only when I'm ready.

Of course, I have long thought. It is a very difficult and stressful job. You can not just remember one day, oh I think I just going to produce because it is apparently the latest trend. My production company and my name are very important for me and I will also produce nothing which I not 100% support. ¨

Q: You have an accident behind him on the set of Blue. What exactly was the matter?

A: ¨ I was diving without any supplies, such as a mask and oxygen tank. I had a bad ram into each other while I am surrounded by 40 sharks under water. I collided my head against the bottom of a boat. My head began to bleed heavily, so we had to start the water because we were still surrounded by sharks. The sharks were also put back in their cages by the shark trainer so I immediately the water was achieved for acute medical care. ¨

Q: It is said that Rs. 40-75 Crore per film gets paid. Is this true?

A: ¨ I get what they paid per film for me to lose. What I think I'm worth per film changed via film.

Q: People call you the No. 1 actor. How does it feel to be a superstar?

A: ¨ I have been in this industry and have also worked years as a crazy and very hard my best. It is a little degrading that I doing a number 1 player is mentioned only because people who want to count me in their projects. It is not the best place to be, believe me. People find it more fun for you apart if you draw on top. Of course it's a great feeling that people find me good enough for me to number 1, but that's all I want. The love and acceptance of people feel. ¨

Q: There are also several reports of a rivalry between you and Shahrukh Khan. SRK should you always have during public shows. What do you here?

A: ¨ Small minds think small things amusing. Shahrukh I must have people who listen to it, I have nothing to say ... It's his life, let him. Why should I be worry about that, let the man have his fun. I can sometimes be funny. ¨

Q: You would not participate in the Bach Chan's Unforgettable Tour. Why are you thoughts changed?

A: ¨ They had already asked me but I could not participate because of my busy schedule. When they ask me if I wanted to do for the show in Toronto, I immediately said yes. I take a day off to perform in Toronto and then I fly back immediately. ¨

Q: There is gossip about you and Katrina, do you have something to say?

A: ¨ Yes I have something to say, it's all not true ... SURPRISES! Believe me, if something was to hand, I would scream from the rooftops. ¨

Q: People say that Aditya Chopra is angry at you because you had made a joke during the IIFA over his last production Tashan.

A: ¨ Sorry, can you repeat the question again? Is he mad at me? Or is he just angry because his film has geflopt in the box office? I am not afraid to say that I've played in Tashan. You can not win everything. I can still say that I was in that movie. It does nothing out. We do it better next time ... No grudges, no hard feelings, no regrets. ¨

Q: You've done a lot of stunts in Chandni Chowk to China, you can bet a bit more about that?

A: ¨ Practice makes perfect. The more you exercise, the more you can. I just close my eyes, pray to God that it is and the rest comes naturally. ¨

Q: Which films are you currently producing?

A: ¨ a movie while my boy, a film together. ¨

Q: You're already in your 40 - s. How do you fit? What is your secret?

A: ¨ When I go tell you now, all men look at me, right? One thing that everyone should never forget is that your secrets with someone should never share. Otherwise you are never unique but just like the rest. ¨

Q: What was it like to shoot for Fear Factor?

A: ¨ I liked it so much to all girls so scary stunts to do. I am always a man who knows what women are capable of. ¨

Q: You have in recent years only had hits except Tashan. If you believe that you are in the best phase of your career?

A: ¨ Of course it's been the best stage of my career, including Tashan. It was perhaps no success, but it was still a good move in my career. You do not win all the time for fun to find what you are doing. I've probably lost that movie, but I did have nice memories on account. While I am happy with my experience, I am happy with the films that I do. The successes are just nice extras. ¨

Q: You have a song with Snoop Dogg in Singh is Kinng, while you had a fever.

A: ¨ I experienced a high temperature, but the guy was so relaxed that I felt right at home. And what fun we had. We had a real Punjabi style raula paaya. ¨

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