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Maximale hypotheek
There are no translations availableWilt u zakelijk gaan investeren? Of staat u op het punt een huis te kopen. Bereken dan zelf snel, makkelijk en overzichtelijk het bedrag dat u maximaal kunt lenen voor een hypotheek. Indien u weet wat u max...
Netherlands will be better justified on European money E-mail
The Netherlands has put an important step towards better accountability of EU funds annually by a State declaration "to backfire. Nevertheless, the Netherlands financial risks, including our country because of irregularities in projects financed with European money is not always reported to Brussels. This requires the General Court in its EU trendrapport 2007. In response to the report, the Cabinet on measures to take. This report shows that the understanding of the legality of the use of European funds within the EU as a whole has hardly improved. However, the audit of the various EU Member States active in the field become.

The EU trendrapport 2007 is the fifth edition of an annual report which the General Court developments in the financial management of the EU sets. It focuses on monitoring and controlling the spending of EU funds, in the Netherlands and EU-wide. The EU in 2005 received 100.8 billion euro in the Member States. The payments of the Netherlands to the EU amounted to 5.9 billion euros. The total expenditure was 104.8 euros. Netherlands received 2 billion euros, of which 1.3 billion euro farm subsidies, 0.4 billion euros from the Structural Funds (which are applicable to regional and social policy) and 0.3 billion euro funds intended for programs for research and technological development, training and youth and Trans-European Networks.

Improving accountability in the Netherlands
In the 'Member State declaration ", the annual government accountable for the management and the legitimate use of EU funds in the Netherlands. The General Court is an annual opinion, with this declaration. The first statement will only deal with the agricultural funds received by the Netherlands. From 2008, the statement about the structural funds and the payments of the Netherlands to the EU budget. With the establishment of a Member State declaration is the Netherlands at the forefront of the evolution towards a better financial accountability on the basis of which EU citizens can know whether their money is spent properly. In addition to the Netherlands for only Denmark and the United Kingdom a more or less comparable State issue.

Netherlands reported irregularities in European subsidies inconsistent Netherlands runs financial risks by irregularities in the country in our ongoing structural programs are not always reported to Brussels. These include violation of rules for public procurement or failure to meet certain eligibility. In particular, the programs funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) report virtually no irregularities. The European Commission has insufficient reporting of irregularities in its own investigation and censure this out. In addition, a Netherlands financial risk by the European Commission does not agree with the way in which Dutch municipalities and provinces declare VAT.

Unclear whether European money is properly spent and what happens there is still little understanding of the legality of the use of the budget by the European Commission and other European institutions. The European Court of Auditors for the financial year 2005, no positive statement can give. This means that the Court can not with certainty say whether the Brussels money is spent according to the rules. The European Commission, the somewhat improved financial management. But checks in the Member States is still little information available. Also on the results of projects financed with European funding is little known. Not in the Netherlands and not in the EU as a whole. In the Netherlands, only the implementation of structural policies only information available. The Structural Funds are twice evaluated. The General Court has examined evaluations and notes that where the quality of evaluations is sufficient, the policy results are reasonable. The evaltuaties are often of insufficient quality jellyfish. Thus, the indicators for which results are measured, often failing to reflect the program goals.

Cabinet Response
The government has pledged that the European Commission will continue to insist on improvement of financial management and greater transparency on European funding. Furthermore, the Dutch government experience in State declaration actively among others. The government agrees that the statements on the results of EU policies better, and has taken steps for the new Structural Funds period (2007-2013). With regard to the financial risks the government is seeking to short-term resolution of the fundamental difference with the committee on VAT. Further, the government and report the discovery of irregularities in the structural programs.

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