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Maximale hypotheek
There are no translations availableWilt u zakelijk gaan investeren? Of staat u op het punt een huis te kopen. Bereken dan zelf snel, makkelijk en overzichtelijk het bedrag dat u maximaal kunt lenen voor een hypotheek. Indien u weet wat u max...
"Indian government to be moribund ' E-mail
DELHI - By poker is Prime Minister Manmohan Singh in parliament. He left the fierce debate over his political fate to undergo. His government threatens to fall since last week the Communists withdrew their support because Singh for a nuclear cooperation with "imperialist" America.
'Dr. Manmohan Singh, says opposition leader Advani of the Hindu Nationalist Party, the BJP, against the Prime Minister. 'Your minority government in the intensive care and is a dead man. "

'Sit', snauwt parliament chairman Somnath Chatterjee against Minister of Railways Lalu as opposition leader Advani for liar part. Show respect. The whole country looks to us. "

Outside parliament the Congress Party is fighting for her political survival. Today is the confidence vote. The government needed 272 votes, half plus 1. The rumor is that the government at least five seats to short. Up to 7.5 million euros will be Monday for a yes vote by the managers vote of the Congress Party of Manmohan Singh, the man who until recently was known as the Mr.Clean of India.

Until the weekend thought the government of Singh that they would survive the crisis. The hole of the communists was filled by the socialists of the Samajwadi Party. Together with the parliamentarians of the party of ex-Minister of Mines that Soren, convicted and acquitted in a murder case, in return got his old job back. With the votes of six parliamentarians are in prison - two of whom were convicted of murder - it added, was the number of yes-voters in the magic number of 272 seats.

On the very good fortune came to an end Saturday afternoon when the Prime Minister of the largest northern state of Uttar Pradesh, Behenji (sister) Mayawati, threw a spanner in the food. To the horror of Prime Minister Singh gave a press conference with a leader of his new ally, the Socialist Samajwadi Party, which was stalled. Mayawati told the gathered press that more dissidents from the government side had chosen its camp.

Last year, the leader of the largest party in a box discharge its resounding victory in state. She not only has the support of Dalits, caste persons, but also of higher castes and Muslims. Mayawati is already tipped as the first cabinet-free prime minister of India. She has but one purpose, the government of Manmohan Singh as soon as possible to trap them.

Premier Singh really believe that the India nuclear treaty as one of the fastest growing economies, a good place in the world can give. 'Do we by this nuclear treaty after thirty years in our nuclear isolation to "keep Minister of External Affairs Pranab Parliament. In 1974, India was the pariah of the world, under Prime Minister Indira Gandhi after the first nuclear test was conducted.

The U.S. offer, according to the treaty India fuels and technology for nuclear power in exchange for control of civilian nuclear installations. India needed nuclear energy because of the outdated power plants. India does not even return in the non-proliferation treaty to sign. The communists believe that this treaty puts an end to India's sovereignty.

While the Minister of Foreign Affairs a flaming argument holds about half of the parliament wooly. Few have actually studied the nuclear treaty. Source: De Volkskrant

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