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Rus admits murder out of love for detective E-mail

Rostov TO THE DON (Reuters) - A Russian, the murder of his friend known, in love after he had become a female detective. It has a police spokesman said Tuesday, according to the Russian news agency Ria Novosti.


The 32-year-old Russian was in February for a drink with a friend whose progressively later in a river was found in the vicinity of Astrakhan in southern Russia. The 32-year-old man denied any involvement and there was not enough evidence for him to complain. The 27-year-old detective Regina Pak, however, was determined to strengthen the evidence against him to get around.

Two months later the man walked inside the police station where he fell on his knees and said to be in love at the detective. He known that he had strangled his friend during a quarrel and the corpse was dumped in the river. He wanted to confess to murder the career of his "beloved" not to ruin with an unsolved case. The man can get up to fifteen years imprisonment.

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