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Maximale hypotheek
There are no translations availableWilt u zakelijk gaan investeren? Of staat u op het punt een huis te kopen. Bereken dan zelf snel, makkelijk en overzichtelijk het bedrag dat u maximaal kunt lenen voor een hypotheek. Indien u weet wat u max...
Love is an investment E-mail
Love is an investment. I've said before that love has two versions, the funny and painful version. Each relationship consists of persons, every relationship is different and also differs Building. In any relationship, you invest because we agree I think. What an investment entails no one knows, because you can not look to the future. Thus an investment risk.
Risks you take in this life. Love is also a risk, a time share actually. It sounds very economic, but hopefully you understand what I say. Relationships should not be compared with shares of machinery that you purchase. But a relationship takes time. You need calls, you should get to know each other. This is known seems to me. But what I want, is today what I see happening around me.

What I see happening is not normal more, people are too busy or selfish society. People want to pursue without a status that they think. We have different problems, but I mention simple examples. If you have first people to quickly tell that they love each other. Second, there are those of the word love is a game, and the words' I love you "mean wrong or deliberately misuse. With express, I mean the player hanging. One consolation for me is there, because I have always taught: "Treat other like you want to be treated"

It is therefore said: "Do you then you get good, you do bad you get bad". Then we talk about karma. Treat someone good, so that a return will get what you give another.

What I would have just said is: do not harm another, because you will get back. How you can get back is not to be identified. You may in any form, can be punished, that you or marks at that time. Is not always the same kind of something to be an appropriate penalty is the highest states, so God.

Investing which I mentioned above is contained in the forms of communication, honesty, security, attractiveness and teamwork. There are still things to see but this is one of the most important that I have mentioned. Say not 'I love you, but believe it. Let it also marks, it must not only in words but in deeds. Dare at least a risk, dare to speak. Play with someone's heart, because you will not like it when someone plays with your heart. Give someone hope someone honest and tell you all busy.

Finally, anyone know is important, do it too. Trouw not know what investment you get home, what your expectations of the future. However, you do not you want to your expectations, look at what is always changing. Because changes to the values fluctuate. One moment you and the other less of your partner account because he is currently in the skin is good or bad.

Hopefully, my message is clear, otherwise I would be a sequel to this award notice.

Vishnu Jasai

Raka ( 2010-10-14 13:35:27

hai Vishnu,

Leuk artikel!

Wilde toch even reageren. Zijn delen van wat je
schrijft dat ik het eens ben maar een onderdeel wat je noemt daar heb ik een
ander kijk op.

Het gaat over dat God 'Straft' als je iets niet goed doet. Dat
is vanuit spiritueel perspectief niet helemaal juist. Men 'denkt' inderdaad dat
God straft.

God en jij zijn '1', we zijn allen '1'. Wij zijn een deel van
God. Als God zou straffen dan zou hij zichzelf straffen.
Maar zo werkt het
niet. ( lees de boeken van N.Walsch waar het goed wordt uitgelegd)
het is de
kosmische werking wat in werking gaat, 'oorzaak' en 'gevolg'.

En je bent de
liefde al, je hoeft het nu alleen nog te 'zijn'.

En heb geen
'verwachtingen'.....dit gaat gepaard met teleurstellingen.

jammer dat we het
niet op school krijgen....'liefde' zou een 'schoolvak' moeten zijn!
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