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Maximale hypotheek
There are no translations availableWilt u zakelijk gaan investeren? Of staat u op het punt een huis te kopen. Bereken dan zelf snel, makkelijk en overzichtelijk het bedrag dat u maximaal kunt lenen voor een hypotheek. Indien u weet wat u max...
A look at the cuisine of India Feelings E-mail
This article is not based on truth. This article is only a vision of an India Feelings visitor. - Editors
Have you always been curious to the people behind India Feelings? Have you always been curious as to who is the people behind the names? Or their structure and organization? Their method? In this report, please read the revealing story.

I take you along for a look in the kitchen of one of the best initiatives for the Hindu community in recent years, India Feelings.

Moreover, I honestly have to say that while not all truth is I only give back what I THINK about who or what is India Feelings. I am not a crew member or journalist. I am only a visitor, whose views on certain issues but agree on the site are beautiful. I have a few pieces to my decision, my so-called inside information. The rest of the puzzle I fill itself in, rich using my imagination. First I start with a piece of history.

Jimmy and Amiet was a beautiful sunny day together by the city. All-in philosophizing about the things of life came the idea to do something for the Hindus wane in the Netherlands. That something became a lifestyle magazine on the Internet. Information and entertainment, both with a delicious sauce Hindu. They drum record number of people together for this great recipe to sell.

Wil this good work, there is a necessary condition: make a good structure within the organization. I am a simple soul, who also has little cheese eaten on how a single organization should ideally be from, but I secretly have the idea that the Indian Feelings do alright. Partly, I learned, and partly I think it is as follows.

The organization is divided into two sections, namely the management and editorial staff. I will do that the board is not literally a board (and not the top editors), but for convenience as it is called. Indeed, both sections are equally important, form and content are inseparable from each other are linked. In the kitchen, the Executive Chef buying and preparing the cook. And of course the public is tasty eater.

The government is the one involved in the promotion and retrieval of all sponsorship money by Albert, Amiet and Anil, and the forum administration and placement of articles by Jimmy and Shrawan. They provide a good overall shape and image of the site externally.

The editorial staff consists of journalists Vishal, Avinash, Bandar, Felisha, Sudesh, Indra, Aarti, Sushmita and Anoeshka, the latter also the final responsibility. (My apologies if I have forgotten a name ... the imprint has disappeared.) Most items, such as Soul Spirit, Body & Beauty and Bollywood, usually also a journalist. They shall together ensure that there is plenty to read on the site. They provide an informative and enjoyable content.

Now I think (and hope) that prevent irritation both departments are not unduly interfere with the main tasks of the other. It should not be that Felisha without the knowledge of the management tasks of Anil takes over sponsorship and contracts are, or that Jimmy suddenly on its own initiative Vishal's medical case of his own opinion without the editors of the issue. What might, for example, is a board member who writes an article or an editor who informally opgooit a ball to a sponsor and then let handle the formalities by the Board.

Now I see a great danger of such, divide and conquer; tactic, that the two sections along each other to communicate. To a house, garden and kitchen example speak: it is not intended that the chef buys buy the wrong ingredients for the cook. Neither the intention is that the cook the budget for the purchase exceeds chef. Because both sections not too much to deal with together, it does not automatically mean that they are not aware of each other's work must continue. A 2-weekly or monthly meeting, depending on the number of nodes within the organization, seems to me to be a must for a good and smooth running of the whole. How else do you want an attractive menu together?

Fortunately this seems to me as a stand outside or to go to India Feelings. Each week there is a fresh update and the site still exists (and is not gone bankrupt). In that respect I think a relationship is just one type of organization. Within a relationship applies also to an organization and that communication is very important. If not vital. Besides the fact that no person within such organization / relationship as that of India Feelings the most important. Only the target is important. And that is a healthy, nutritious, delicious and tasty Indian Feelings.

Mr. Big

PS: My tour of the kitchen is not open to a job function within the organization.

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