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Maximale hypotheek
There are no translations availableWilt u zakelijk gaan investeren? Of staat u op het punt een huis te kopen. Bereken dan zelf snel, makkelijk en overzichtelijk het bedrag dat u maximaal kunt lenen voor een hypotheek. Indien u weet wat u max...
Dutch workers want to be free E-mail
More than half of the working Dutch believes that on days like Good Friday and May 5 everyone should get off. Around 40% of workers, the current situation where some organizations, but no other day to give their staff, but fine. And a small minority, slightly more than 5%, would prefer everyone to work on days like Good Friday and May 5 This is reflected in research on work and work that Trendbox research commissioned by Veronica Magazine conducted amongst a representative sample of 500 people with paid work. The results are used for, the monthly overtime Annex and work of Veronica Magazine.

Who wants to get Friday?
It is especially women, people with lower and middle-income residents in the south of the Netherlands who advocate for days as Good Friday and May 5 to give each employee furlough. Independent entrepreneurs and officials found more than average, the current situation is fine. The first group determines itself whether and when it is Friday. While public servants in general, more than in the commercial business case, already have such dagen.v free time or a high income?
Moreover, leisure is not sacred to operating the Netherlands. On the question "Where you choose, hard work and a high income or a lot of free time and a low income for two-thirds choose the first option. Among them many remarkable men (women are more free time), young people, residents of the North and independent entrepreneurs. Which once again proved that money is important for the Dutch. Similarly, 91% of the workers for salary increase rather than a car, would you choose this option, too. And, eight out of ten workers would rather not work than a nice bonus.

In the boss time
On average we work with are all 32 hours per week (39 men and 27 women). At least, we are present, because in addition to the work we do also other things in the boss time. That is 12%, though with a hangover on his work, half the internet sometimes private, is in the workplace gossip by over 40%, 16% sometimes colleagues to bullying, listening seven out of ten employees for music is to 11% on the television and looking around one third ever to another job in time. Among the latter group are also many striking civil servants found. In addition, over 30% of all workers in the Netherlands of what might be the boss: as printer paper, paper clips, pens and such.

We take seriously our boss?
The answer is affirmative. Three quarters of respondents, it is agreed with the statement "I take seriously my boss." Men also scored slightly less positive (71%) than women (80%). A few (17%) find themselves smarter than their boss. In particular, men (more than one fifth) are considered. Anyway dares Dutch worker pretty combat to his / her boss. If this presents a plan that absolutely nothing is, refers to half of all Dutch employees the idea directly to the trash. The other half is trying to boss subtly different thoughts on it. And men are less subtle than women.

Starts and stops when the Dutchman working?
As we begin to work relatively early: already at an average age of 19 we go full time or part-time, to work (women more than a year earlier than men). And we keep a full 40 years since we have all around our 60 cities to retire would want. If, however, is not it. On the question of when you might stop working think you mentioned an average age of 62 years. Two years above the age to stop accordingly. It is on that, as we age, the age at which we think we can stop working higher.

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