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Maximale hypotheek
There are no translations availableWilt u zakelijk gaan investeren? Of staat u op het punt een huis te kopen. Bereken dan zelf snel, makkelijk en overzichtelijk het bedrag dat u maximaal kunt lenen voor een hypotheek. Indien u weet wat u max...
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Between mediumship and the highest level of inspired teacher and seer clear is a huge variety of degrees, such as seeing and knowing may be linked or not. Hence we say: "He who knows that silence."

Medium Shelf Between the mediumship and the highest level of inspired teacher and seer clear is a huge variety of degrees, such as seeing and knowing may be linked or not. Hence we say: "He who knows that silence."

Speaking is silver (throat chakra), silence is gold (crown chakra). The institution of this character is clear the 3rd view that the renewed operation of the pineal gland. This is closed at the time that the human senses its objective to develop and learn the Earth's atmosphere is more and more is compacting or paving. As we find animals level awareness is working with the Solar Plexus in the light of our evolution a previous operation. The group soul of the animal is controlled by using images from the Plexis Solaris are projected. Since animals do not have a self-conscious mind are not thinking with their own brains, but those of the group soul, a connection which is essential through wires. These compounds have their impressions behind the sympathetic nervous system.

The involuntary hearing voices, seeing ghosts, apparitions, or doing things that arise from a misunderstood desire and not ourselves, we often deal with nature-related deceased souls.

This stems from a weak 5th Aura field and often too weak mentally to this field of phenomena themselves off.

The protective 5th field has a strong connection with the Plexis Solaris and its 3rd chakra. Many concept, sleep, prolonged rest, and Aura chakra treatments, color therapy and harmless Sedatives help here in the first instance. This sensitive man, we in psychiatry have all too often an ignorant way.

The man follows his own behavior by means of the cerebrospinal nervous system, because his individuality has been able to develop them. The sympathetic nervous system, which is part of the autonomous nervous system, he may no longer shadows. The animal without free will can these impulses through the sympathetic nervous system is not under control and must unconditionally obey.

That explains a lot about the behavior of people in groups but also Individueel.Wij not say 'the bigger the mind the greater the beast. " In this context, we are criminal law and its prison system to review, since the crime or an offense that is a spiritual training needs. This would form one can get close to some modern therapies, and on to higher knowledge transfer is based.

From the biblical view, then the human race from the fourth to the fifth day of creation. We can also take the completed human picture speak as the creation or evolution here on earth is complete and humane man * there.

The difference between awake and wake up the difference between the awakening psychic ability and still not understood clearly capabilities.

The wake up or keep in the overall functioning of the six chakras and the two brain in a harmonious multi-colored light or energy production. The moment that man meets' his' image and likeness and so inheritance had to ask.

The difference between see and understand is that this talent in a proper manner. Hence the so-called clear squabbling too often harms the awakening and seeking man in his process of independence.

Each person has consciously or unconsciously with one or more guided ghosts or angel guards. These spirits help lead our world collectively, through vibrations in our sense region that is usually unconsciously, to their support. This energy or vibrations we are able to project images.

We visualize what can be seen to be understood. Since we are God's image, the Universal Cosmic image and likeness have been created and we are able to mirror our similarities. These images in our dreams, meditations, visualizations and relations forward. The other world, these images are not necessary, because everything about and there is no separation experienced. They are stripped of senses, prejudices and experience our world as vibrations of sound and color.

They connect with our Aura, so in a positive way their energy to those of us to vibrate. It is the pure mind in communication with everyone and everything around us.

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