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Maximale hypotheek
There are no translations availableWilt u zakelijk gaan investeren? Of staat u op het punt een huis te kopen. Bereken dan zelf snel, makkelijk en overzichtelijk het bedrag dat u maximaal kunt lenen voor een hypotheek. Indien u weet wat u max...
Stoney times E-mail
At that school thing off! I felt much bigger and more wild things in life tests ... Oh yes why I can not even check how a cigarette tastes or what others see it ..

I saw me matties (friends) of smoking and thought hey I have also to hear and I would also try and see how to smoke a cigarette .. So I matties me for a cigarette questions .. "Hey why waste your Tabaka me! (Cigarette), you have to inhale, smoke into your lungs to "Mattie told me.

So I took a whiff and almost death for the cough but I just had to do I went further and further until I actually secretly addicted to was either very near the addiction was.

And suddenly I see them with a bag of green stuff to arrive and I asked for: 'hey what's that? "What they said:' this is" weed "nederwiet! If you smoke then you feel really good and you get a sense of calm. " So I thought why not ...

After my first puff I felt no effect so I took the 2nd 3rd even 4th there .. after 5 minutes I started to laugh like crazy just to laugh and said: 'hey this is good stuff mang (man)! "

And as each day went by ... and by collecting money and jonko (weed) Now, every day is certain at least 4 jonko's (join gently) in school still! It was fun and funny to the poor went to school and I myself was searching for answers .. how is that now I go every day to school and still poor figures? "Oh come on ra ra ra which would now come through"

If you blowt or geblowd then you're stoned. The effect is to everyone else, the most common effects are: laughter kicks, kicks eats, lethargy, hyper-active. These are the positive effects of a blower (joint smoker) and the negative effects are: nausea, headache, blackouts (fainting). These people who hooks than very soon from the blow.

After I myself had wondered how it would come to me at school went down, I do not join blowde little more for me keys and Ol, slit me figures, the good side I got good numbers, and when was the question I myself asked me again "Why blow me?" "What's so nice to come?" I can still have fun without blows?

Your attention is simply not good even though some people say yes when I blow I know more than if I did not blow. One and all geouwehoer!

Because if you remember when you blowt that you do not know you do not just blow that bad and can be addictive because the effects that you get just "are super." And if you remember when you're sober than you know yourself better I think. On the basis of these questions I am after 3 years geblowd to have that shit be continued, it was fun times but there are still more and better things to do in life without weed / hash.

What I want is that not everyone in the same way as how I started out I started, some who do it out of boredom or because the home is bad with them. Then they think of: If the bad with me is why can I not do bad things?

For the people who blow this is a good policy for them to continue. It remains quite your own decision what is and is not good for you, and hopefully get yourself against and cover you too.

Amiet Mahadew

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