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Maximale hypotheek
There are no translations availableWilt u zakelijk gaan investeren? Of staat u op het punt een huis te kopen. Bereken dan zelf snel, makkelijk en overzichtelijk het bedrag dat u maximaal kunt lenen voor een hypotheek. Indien u weet wat u max...
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Specials Who does not remember the frozen tears of Marco van Basten at his farewell in San Siro? How sweet expressed Hugo Camps: "One of the most touching sports moments." After a long and lingering injury took Van Basten farewell to the football world as a legacy to worn to the bone to ankle. Fabio Capello could not restrain his tears during his farewell. Van Basten well, although the tragedy of his face to read it. In the form of frozen tears.

That I had tears during the draw for the World Cup, which this year will be held in Japan and South Korea. My beloved Orange would not be represented in one of the chutes. How incredible it may sound! Then only was the realization that we were not successful. Not that I slept all the time or knew nothing, but simply urged me not really. And it seemed not to increase. Until after the draw when I was in Canada not one of the league.

Countries such as Senegal, Slovenia, China and Ecuador, who play football in no pots to break, do it, but not the Netherlands. The true champions such as Argentina, France, Germany, Italy and Brazil are, but not the Netherlands.

How often I am not asking where it went wrong. Where and to whom it was that we had not qualified. What we had left behind. Not that the situation is rosier on, but you still you still wonder. Personally I think it went wrong in Portugal. Home play right against Ireland and you lose of Portugal, the two closest competitors. But that was perhaps due to an incomplete selection of the real Dutch topvoetbal players. With an almost complete selection you in Portugal a 0-2 lead ten minutes away. Not only do you now own hands (ie feet) Portugal a ticket to the east, but you place yourself in the difficult position to weather the last important game to win. According to Dutch tradition. Only ran it untraditional wrong in Ireland by that one big game to win. Worse still, by which is to lose. Despite the elimination, I am still convinced that this Orange (given the players' material) is a serious titelkandidaat. Or rather was. Obviously this is not hard to do. I know only too well and you may even laugh at me if you want. Will I have to laugh a bit more substance to give? Does he. If the Netherlands for the final tournament would have placed, I think it would be a good chance on a protected status. Since the Netherlands in recent major tournaments has performed better than Spain, which latter was a protected status, we would very likely be assigned this status. What if we instead of Spain in a pool would be right with Slovenia, Paraguay and South Africa? Would we not with two fingers through the nose to the next round go? Or what if we instead of Ireland in a group with Germany, Saudi Arabia and Cameroon would arrive? Then appeared the next round is not impossible? And who knows how far we would come?

I can still continue to dream, but the fact is that we are not there next year. So in any case at least four years to wait for another chance at a world championship. I have been a millennium witnessed a Dutchman to win Wimbledon and see the football skills of Maradona may behold. One of the many things I still want to experience in person the homage of the English team, because they have become world champion football. Cry, I will certainly ... but with warm sweet tears of joy. Legendary statements as "They pulled us" and "Rensenbrink! ... Rensenbrink! ... Pole, "then perhaps the company will get a simple and yet significant statement as" At last .... "

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