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Maximale hypotheek
There are no translations availableWilt u zakelijk gaan investeren? Of staat u op het punt een huis te kopen. Bereken dan zelf snel, makkelijk en overzichtelijk het bedrag dat u maximaal kunt lenen voor een hypotheek. Indien u weet wat u max...
Virasat Duinrell E-mail
Sunday in the rain I walked the parking lot to Duinrell Frog Garden again. Although my suit (which I for the second time in my life had) wet rained, I still felt good. All childhood memories came back to the top, I was meaning to all the attractions in diving! Unfortunately, not everything was closed. But that was of course not, because I went to the Fashion Gala in Virasat. And given the location I expected nothing less than topentertainment?
The room looked fine in each case. A very chic location, a real catwalk, lights, microphones. And do not forget beautiful ladies to help visitors make. It was clear that Virasat was planning something professionals to make. Now just watch the show or would like. The ladies did in any case already, so that good Saturday!

But let's just about the show themselves. If India Feelings journalist was a good place for me aside, nice front. I was able to speak under the skirts of the models look. Not that that had much meaning, because they had not yet come to. However, other very nice clothes, but I do so.
The show began with a very nice bhajan and a small meisjedat walked on the catwalk. Very cute and certainly very effective. That win your audience along. At one point, the hostess, Cynthia, the stage for us all to provide information about the show. Happy, spontaneous, a little klunzig but it was very good to hear. They informed us that the sari she was wearing, would be raffled as a prize in the lottery. A good thing, which promised more for the rest of the clothes that afternoon geshowed would be.

Then began the first round. The ladies had a sari, the men had with Kurta PAJAMA do. There was our show promise and it started actually very nice. With Tujhe dekha toh yeh Jaana Sanam in the background, the models gave a great performance. Then came some beautiful ladies in sari's past. It should be noted that the model was clear that professionalism was highly valued. It seemed as if only the people of this technique were less inherited, given the frequent technical malfunctions.

After this first round of clothes, which I think took a little too short, Berry Damri came with his musicians to the lot on which to listen. Great entertainment, but I got the idea that they act longer than the first round clothing. So at some point I asked me anyway when this would come past and we might enjoy more clothes. Because there we were finally right?

Fortunately that was after this act again. This time, ghagra choline and Nehru suits geshowed. The clothing should be refused, but the presentation was, in my opinion something saaier than the previous round. Even after this round was followed by another act. Bollywood Dynamics and the children of the dance of Asha Bhulai acted for us. How fun this was, again, this seemed to be taking longer than the clothes round. Furthermore I started to get hungry now. A pause was also not bad.

But the pause was not yet in sight, we were still the first round with the ladies and gentlemen salwaar kamiz in Kurta with PAJAMA Gilet. Beautiful clothes, but here was the same as in the previous round. It was all rather simple matter over.

To my great joy announced Cynthia (who all afternoon already had microphone problems) then finally to the break. And we could lootjes Now!
After the break we started back with technical problems. But that did not, because then came the best clothes round then: mature women and children round. On the whole spontaneous way showed some beautiful ladies of middle age clothing on the show Oh mere dil ki chain. The kids did great. From ukkie to adolescent were excluded for the other models on the catwalk and You are my Sonia in the background as I'm concerned, they are not subject to Hrithik and Kareena!

After this it was time for the results of the lottery. Cynthia had been a rather stable microphone, so it was finally understood. Still gawky occasionally, but that if it had its charms. Some in the audience are at least went home happy, the lady next to me even very happy because they won both the sari as the juwelenset.

Meanwhile, I've the feeling that after the break was better than the break. It was a pity when it was announced that the last round would come round tie. As expected it was also beautiful clothing geshowed. Although I very garment of dulhin was less (a dulhin is completely covered to be!), But that is their own opinion. This was at least a very nice conclusion of the show. Although the dessert with two small children that even the catwalk backlogs also was rejected.

All in all it was a pleasant afternoon. Nice clothes and beautiful ladies seen. It was not as spectacular as I had hoped, the break was perhaps what raised have. But ultimately I think everyone enjoyed it, especially after the break was topentertainment. Despite all the technical problems Virasat is an excellent show put together especially to be said that the models were on everything but amateurish. My compliments!

Vishal Hira and Shudesh Jaggoe

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