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Maximale hypotheek
There are no translations availableWilt u zakelijk gaan investeren? Of staat u op het punt een huis te kopen. Bereken dan zelf snel, makkelijk en overzichtelijk het bedrag dat u maximaal kunt lenen voor een hypotheek. Indien u weet wat u max...
Quick Test of 7 lipstiften E-mail

Body & Beauty Do you have so much difficulty in finding the right lipstick? You can choose between hundreds of different lip pencils. But what is really mind as long as it claims? The consumer makes a test with so-called 7 "long on" lip pencils. They looked at whether the stylus is still in place Saturday after a breakfast, coffee, lunch and tea.

In bullet 1: Max Factor

This lipstick survives throughout the day, re-application is required. Even after a year is the Lipfinity still in place. On average, this lipstick 8 hours, and even then the colors are beautiful! The packaging contains a lipstick and a Moisturizing top coat. You feel not sit and dries your lips out. Unfortunately, this lipstick to not spill to remove this you can best remover on the basis of oil or baby oil use.
Max Factor's Lipfinity is available for only € 13,50.

2nd: Miss Helen
Long into
Again, these lipstick should not be dissatisfied! The lipstick is still a thick 4 hours, and gives minimal to nothing. The stud spread well and after a time returns are perfect! Unfortunately, the lipstick to be quite fast dry. Your lips will feel as dry, but do not dry out. The lipstick is a lot cheaper then the number 1 and are the cheapest in the test: Miss Helen lipstick is for sale for € 4.05

3rd: Rimmel
London Lasting Finish Lipstick
After 4 hours on this lipstick again gestift be. After some food and drinks are still good, although it leaves traces on cups. Nor is this not kiss proof lipstick, the pakkerds that you will give off good! The lipstick feels quite greasy to. This lipstick is € 6,50.

Cocktail 4th: Revlon
Moisturestay Lipcolor
This lipstick is not seated long: more than 3 hours. It is easy to apply and gives little off. Make sure the stud is not too much uitdraait because it breaks very quickly. Specialties: If you return the lipstick, it gives a fresh feeling, it's like menthol inside. This pen cost up € 11.50.

5th: L'Oreal
Paris Invincible
L'Oreal: "Extremely high degree of durability and comfort never before achieved!" There, you had better not expect the Consumer Bond, after eating and drinking is fun out there soon. Without food and drink, the stick with an average of 3 hours. 8 hours promised sustainability of L'Oreal is very optimistic. For this setback, you pay € 9.50

6th: Maybelline
Hydra Lipstick Stay
This lipstick is about 3 hour. It is not resistant to food and drink, it remains much lipstick to food and cups stick. The lipstick is too much off the stick and hold until your issue as this is totally blurred. This is a stick that quickly degrades. Price: € 7.30

7th: Theater
Color Proof Lipstick
Kiss Proof? Color Proof? Hell, no! This lipstick has disappeared after an hour or something backward. The stylus is very greasy and not well spread, there are pieces from. Not really charming lips with lipstick pieces ...
The process is not effortless, the stick is so thick that it difficult to control. This value-free, long on "lipstick cost as much as € 6.40!

Felisha Kariman
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