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Maximale hypotheek
There are no translations availableWilt u zakelijk gaan investeren? Of staat u op het punt een huis te kopen. Bereken dan zelf snel, makkelijk en overzichtelijk het bedrag dat u maximaal kunt lenen voor een hypotheek. Indien u weet wat u max...
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Health Most visitors to this site are young. Now why would you think now about transition? We are finally all young and it takes very long before we are in that stage. Everyone has found a nani or an older parent with whom the transition can begin ....

The transition may be different in age. When one starts on the 51st, when the other starts all around 48ste or 49th, because every woman's body is different. Sometimes it can start on your 40th. During the transition you notice many changes in women. You have physical and mental transition transition. I will start with some physical transition itself.

Each person of the female sex in the birth of millions of eggs. Before you reach puberty are obviously lost ova. During puberty, the biological clock that the hormone effect in which the ovaries have an incentive to produce hormones, namely estrogen and progesterone. As you get older, it changed a lot in your body. At one point touching on the ova. Hormonal changes that lead to cessation of ovulation and the absence of menstruation. Your body touched by the stock over eggs, as it were. The ovaries are producing less estrogen and progesterone. There is a natural step to another phase of life for a woman.

During the transition there is a fluctuation of hormones in your body move. The brain keeps Appendix FSH production (hormone), because the eggs will not mature. And because the egg does not mature like you get less estrogen and no progesterone, so you no longer have menstrual. So you have an overdose of FSH in your blood and a low dose estrogen, and can physical, mental, emotional reactions provide a woman in transition.

In addition, the transition of three parts:

  • Leek - Menopause is the transition - the eggs get on the hormone balance varies very much and increase physical and mental reaction.
  • The menopause itself - the day the last menstrual wegbleef, is the day when menstruation 1 year away. The fluctuation of hormones, thus reducing the physical and mental presence.
  • The post menopause - this is after the female body is reflected in the balance, the hormones found a new balance the physical and mental reaction again present.

The transition will also change during the sex. You can keep physical complaints such as the hormone changes. Hormone changes can reduce the sentence in sex:

  • dry vagina - the painful sex, the uterus drops so painful penetration of the vagina wall is thinner which makes it painful during lovemaking
  • incontinence - urine loss in lovemaking
  • also may need to be emotionally affected area. Think of emotional lie in a heap, this can ensure that the sentence in sex away. More need for intimacy. The hormone can change your physical complaints.

We will now briefly look at the mental transition. If you are in the transition is, get you out of zorgrol. You get back the space for you to choose and you get more space for yourself. During the transition your life put on his head. You have less meaning in old habits. If there are questions, they can ensure grumpy responses and anger outbursts. In relationship also ensured the necessary excitement. This is all the hormone change.

The transition makes so many changes in women. It was not always that a woman is in transition, because no specific age where the transition begins. Many do not understand the changes, especially people in your environment, the reactions that they are not normally found. A woman in the beginning itself will not notice what is going on. But doctors who guide very well and you can get information on how the transition to work and what changes. So if your mama nani or a bit weird to see, especially if they confirm certain characteristics, then you know that they are in the transition. Give them the time and space and have patience with them. It is not a disease, but the woman in another life side.


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