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Maximale hypotheek
There are no translations availableWilt u zakelijk gaan investeren? Of staat u op het punt een huis te kopen. Bereken dan zelf snel, makkelijk en overzichtelijk het bedrag dat u maximaal kunt lenen voor een hypotheek. Indien u weet wat u max...
The story of a self-saving victim E-mail
A theme that could not escape to the Dutch press and sensation-hungry media, the suicide drama in particular been under Hindu girls, living in Den Haag. The actual occurrence of the facts that were owed to such a radical surgery was hanging in the open spectrum of personal speculation which we encountered on causes ranging from complex / abstract to very bad, such as: ï ¿½ ï ¿½ forbidden love stress / hopelessness ï ¿½ disturbed parent child relationship ï ¿½ ï ¿½ domestic discord curfew ï ¿½ ï ¿½ insufficient credit limit in the use of all types of lingerie, the Sun etc. The string goog one after another scientist threw himself on this matter and revealed several theorieï ¿½ n. Not rare by Dutch all-very-good-snappers the deviators resulting from the own culture were the main reasons for these tragic events, without state the significant difference between suicide among natives and those of immigrants. Even mental care / ontzorgers, Wed the Pandit began to agree. The endless post-academic gekissebis finally resulted in an addition of the employment of indigenous therapists who like to shrink them and view opwierpen discharge. Undersigned has declined an interview of a young lady who with their own power from a deep valley on the idyllic area and drew himself a paved road to the future. Below is her story:
Vandana, 19 years old, residing in Rotterdam and first year student Communication Management at the Hogeschool Utrecht. On the fourth they started swimming and found in time to be so advanced that they even could take part in whether or not gold-related swimming. As a hobby she has done much earlier and was firmly based to an inevitable need for entertainment. Her child period was not without problems because they are already at a very young age was confronted with domestic violence while a child of seven years between them had come to kijvende parties to create order and to submit disputes. This assertiveness shines for Vandana later fruit because its own situation under control, it has a twin brother who unlike her less impressed seemed to appearance of the events in and around the family. The parents were not always open to communications, for example, discuss problems, while Vandana itself seemed to need to have some problems to discuss. This non-verbal communication was later unfortunately means that Vandana at its tenth all four years appeared to have been sexually abused by a family member to exalted man who normally resides in Suriname was only occasionally stayed in the Netherlands. Although her parents noticed that something's not in the hook was, they never in their arms and ask if there is something with the child on the hand was. It was everything to suppress rather than to the large clock to be hung. Vandana was working its problems by masking different, and just as normal as possible to come. Moreover, the offender's means of intimidation silenced. If the offender after this period travel to Suriname, there Vandana for a period of reflection and processing. She tries her gemaltraiteerde to life again by her school in any case under control. They visit after the primary havo, totaling five years should continue. Furthermore, it over to them for a dynamic youth in a meaningful interpretation gives way to his / her existence. If the age of 16 has reached, the offender returned to the Netherlands and has matured compared to her again. It is in a van and dragged to a remote location raped. When asked exactly how this was possible because there zi ¿½ n least some bystanders could have been that it could have said, the reply is not entirely clear. While under heavy psychological and physical suffering which often involved a series of constraints, they remained calm and unruffled hold. For her final havo dropped it twice because unfortunately they have only had around worms. Nevertheless, once they broke the silence by the event to her mother to tell. They noted that both the mother and the father is not very open to her story were to be heard while both really knew that their daughter something not quite in order. They also appeared to know what the problem was their daughter. However, as Vandana her story to the parents really confess its own initiative rather than responding both shocked and excited to be rather indifferent. They were shown not to believe that their daughter something like that could effectively overcome. Sole compassion, understanding even a hug for her there was not. The setting of the parents involved, therefore, that the harm was done but now that the ï ¿½ was no use crying over spilt milk ï ¿½ and advised her in therapy to help them on its own suffering over could lift. Although therapy had actually taken soon showed that the therapists may not be in psychiatric sense but at least in cognitive meaning a dose of therapy needed, in terms of a possible form of knowledge development therapy. Vandana felt abandoned, misunderstood ï ¿½ n in abandoned while her parents went through with the redesign and improvement of their lives. This was increasing the gap between it and the parents as a result. Although a declaration to the police was done showed that the willingness of the police investigation over the blue cap and of course above the gray gray mass that pet uitsteeg. The police began to defend themselves through the use of all moribund and little development and understanding verbal testimony winding turn rows of perfide suspicions etc. to finally no need for her. It was pointed out that all the rapes that they are the police themselves provoked would have wanted to exploit in sci ¿½ ne them. The offender felt it only strengthened Vandana again and raped her eighteenth. How this last rape is proved by precisely the same offender and with the same scenario, and likelihood fact remains vague. Vandana to feel her ï ¿½ ï ¿½ n and a broken man and punished. Her study will be made for its guidance to its own situation completely on its own to analyze and synthesize. Vandana collapsed on a car didactic manner therapy requires a writing as much as possible everything is gone. It adds to it that its own qualities which are missing in many peer who may see suicide as the only way. They find that very human and therefore understandable. She agrees that people in different level of intelligence and that any emotional moments in their own decisions. The ï ¿½ and the very wise decision loss, in others tragic. It has been pure luck by themselves on the right path to be maintained and not subject to its commercial and suffering. Lastly, some profiles of rapists as they appear in the literature: When rapists show negative emotions such as anger and hostility towards a woman or women in general prior to sexual aggression. Studies show that men who have raped them famous women often say that the direct reason for their aggression was that the woman had made them angry by his disdain, ridicule, rejection or pitch them. The men experienced the rejection as a violation of their male ego and took revenge on her. But other states of mind play a role. Repeat rapists remember that they are often lonely, depressed or feel worthless in the hours prior to the rape on the basis of setback, tension or discontent. Quite often they go in Zoi ¿½ n vote aimlessly driving around in their cars, use alcohol as a ontremmer, Crei ¿½ ren a situation where they contact with a woman and save as they see opportunity. Negative life experiences in early childhood cause chronic behavioral and perception problems that the risk of later sexual aggression increase. The poor quality of education, as only out of time and penalties, strict penalties in the absence of love, domestic violence, lack of stability in relations with the caretakers (father and mother) by desertion, prolonged stay in education institutes in childhood and child abuse, the breeding ground for the commission of (sexual) violence. Men than sexuality as a way to cope with emotional problems and life problems. This sexual activity is only temporary satisfaction and can lead to violent sexuality. A second possibility that leads to sexual violence may arise from lack of intimacy and emotional loneliness, the man his anger and revenge feelings projects on women. This he does when he believes that they cause are not fulfilled its needs. Gangadin Rabin
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