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Maximale hypotheek
There are no translations availableWilt u zakelijk gaan investeren? Of staat u op het punt een huis te kopen. Bereken dan zelf snel, makkelijk en overzichtelijk het bedrag dat u maximaal kunt lenen voor een hypotheek. Indien u weet wat u max...
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Specials The sun is quiet, but above the dark green mountains of Dhaulagiri, the air still intense dark blue. Very slow, this ever lighter, ever softer. There is someone from behind the windows in her bedroom to the awakening of the day to watch. She makes the big window open and then sit on the sloping edge, overlooking a large lake. There is nobody outside, still no sound. Even the rooster has not yet gekraaid because the slope of the sun over the mountains barely visible.

The young woman with loose, long black hair runs out in her sleep Cool Blue satin dress. Towards the mountains, towards the dark, savage, more undulating. On the edge of the lake remains at rest and then fall on its knees. With bent head, the gaze of her eyes down to the morning dew on the grass, but she sees it. Because they do something quite different. Her life at home, the place where they come from where has come to her head finally be able to clarify. They do not know how and why, only that they should be here. On this cold place. The sun, the earth has not warmed to her arms and she gets goose bumps. She rubbed her hands anxiously along there. Then she heard footsteps.

She turns her head on, but decided to continue to look forward. It is foggy and unclear vision. It is a dark gray shadow, not recognizable. The illusion is to her and remains behind her. His voice has not heard, it has not yet omgekeken, but they know exactly who it is. Yet they look to the lake and bows her head to the water to reflect its view. She sees in the water waving a person whose aankijkt and his hand to her cheek injury. He turns her face to him and says: "You are still not forgotten, huh."

She pressed her lips against each other: "How could I?" He makes a zuchtend gesture, but without any sound. "You'll need. There is so much that lies ahead of you from here. And you will never make it. I know too. But you will need to take away from you because you should." "Why are you gone?" ask them. "Why so suddenly, why no warning?" They state. "Why did you so short? Why did you go!"

She suddenly turns around and runs to him away. She continues to run on the green lawns of the mountains until she gets out of breath and stops. Then she screams upwards to the sky: "You let me just behind with so many questions, so sorry, with so much pain. I have so much you say, so much of life and the world you want to discover. I wanted to tell you that I have sadness you never want to do that I regret that I never said how much I love you. And therefore I can not forget ... because I loved you! And because I know that you are I did! "

"I tried, I really tried to forget ... ..." She stopped and her anger is gently place for tears. He lays his hand on her shoulder: "Sometimes people walk out of your life. People you the joy and tears of your life you shared. This is for you on your most difficult moments, with whom you could laugh until you cry was. It is simply life. Just as good as our lives, just as well be us enjoyed. It is important therefore that you realize when you live for people to say that you love them and not only when that person no longer is ... or if you are no longer are. It shows us the dead. Death is essential part of us and reminds us that time is precious and limited. Life on earth is for everyone and everything is limited. Everything must eventually die. everything comes to an end. On one thing will never end. And that is your love for me. Death is master of everything and shows us how we must, but the Love shows us where we can divine and infinite in his. "

He goes on to conclude: "If you think that my love for you and your love for me disappeared at the time that I died ... .. then you have never understood how strong my love for you ,"... It is crippling quiet. The fresh wind that giert through the mountains is audible. The sky is now bright blue and after the relocation of the fog, the expanse of the huge grass landscape completely visible.

"No," ... .. she says. "I understand. I have always understood how much our love was and is. I wanted you just could not .. I can not let go ... ... Because it is such a pain to know that I'll never more my arms can hold, I never the touch of your hand will feel. That I'll never in your eyes can look at and the most beautiful feeling that is inside will be. But I know that you always Part of me will continue. Here, deep inside, "she points to her heart. "In the core of who I am. I will always carry with me."

The man picked her slim fingers with his hands and whispers: "Let me go. I will always be source of your strength. But let me go ... .. The future awaits you."

It is suddenly raven for her eyes and dead quiet. It seems as if her eyes and she tries it again to open. Suddenly the sound of a buzz ... alarm clock. She realizes that she is only just awake, and in bed at home ... .. .... In the Netherlands. The sun shines through the vanilla-colored curtains where they then go run and then for a moment, waiting. The loudest sounds possible sigh from the depths of her lungs. Then she firmly with a twitch the curtains open, open the window and look out ....
.... "Yes, you know .... The traffic in Amsterdam has been doing is starting to pick up ...
... .. But I now finally. "

Dedicated to all those who lost their lives on October 4, 1992 during the Bijlmer disaster in Amsterdam. Around half past six at night pierced an El-Al Boeing 747 the Bijlmer Flats Green Veen and Kruitberg. There were 43 deaths, including the crew and several dozen wounded. Almost every Surinamese know where it was when the news became known. This story is of course partly fictional, partly true, but almost everyone knows how it feels to have lost someone. I was then only a child of 10 years old when I saw on TV unforgettable images of the incredible flames, forever etched in my memory. My parents were speechless beaten and the phone was off. From my home in south I could see helicopters in the air and smoke from the place des opdoemde evil. I could hardly contain what had happened. Years later I still have nightmares about held, oddly enough, only stopped at the same time of the attacks on September 11, 2001. The feeling of insecurity by raging over aircraft was commonplace throughout the world. Many people consider the Bijlmer as the most notorious place in the Netherlands, for outsiders a dark, criminal area where they would rather not come. For them, the Bijlmer nothing but bad. A few days after the accident in 1992, however, held a memorial ride led by then Mayor Ed van Thijn. He began with a speech from a high podium, the residents and have stayed address, then the trip to start the Bijlmer ... and at a given moment we reached the flats ... .. I will never forget the sight of the devastating impact visible that the airplane had. A huge piece of the flat was simply away, while a few meters away windows had remained intact. That day were white and black together, Creoles and Hindus tan, everyone. The heart of the Surinamese community in the Netherlands was hit ... .. That day I saw the best of our Bijlmer.


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