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Maximale hypotheek
There are no translations availableWilt u zakelijk gaan investeren? Of staat u op het punt een huis te kopen. Bereken dan zelf snel, makkelijk en overzichtelijk het bedrag dat u maximaal kunt lenen voor een hypotheek. Indien u weet wat u max...
The Miss Hindustani or Holland in 2002 election E-mail

Specials Sunday, September 29 last, the Miss Hindustani or Holland in 2002 election held in the Congress Party-Leuningjes in Poeldijk. Feelings Foundation India was of course to present comprehensive report thereon.


Given the international status of this election, which again for the 11th time it was organized, the expectations were obviously high. The winner may represent Ireland at the Miss India Worldwide election on November 2 in Durban, South Africa.

..... the organization was busy all last minute dots
at the last minute i to ........

To our great surprise there was 3 minutes before the show a proper row with visitors outside the door. Would this be the first Hindu event that would start on time? Upon entry we were in any case, the idea that the organization was serious. The room was big and chic, the organization was busy all last minute last minute dots on the i's and we were very nicely received. We were right to some participants, which we firmly to the tooth could feel. Shanti and Tanuja were the victims. During our conversation revealed that the ladies giggle despite the great chaos behind the scenes and the nerves that had made them masters, but good fun. They were very enthusiastic about the atmosphere between the ladies, and rejoiced in the evening. After our brief chat to the ladies hurried back to the locker room and took our place for the show to enjoy.

We hope that the show would start on time proved unjustified. The show made its name and began like any Hindu event 15 minutes late. The host Baldewsingh Rabin came in and knew immediately the public to carry out its hand to get his jokes. Then the participants were all dancing together on stage, accompanied by the tones of "Ek pal ka jeena '. It was already clear that some were more difficult to fall than others. The ladies were relieved by Shaksi Gopi Gopal and Rishi. A dazzling dance of Shaksi's elegantly feminine side was exposed and Rishi did prove themselves as the Dutch Hrithik.

...... It was here that many ladies do not bhadjie lust .......

Below Rabin was co-presentratrice Cynthia Kishoendajal in a rather striking outfit but that should not be viewed without sunglasses should be. Glitter and glamor in abundance so. Cynthia showed Rabin sense of humor to share so that promised more for the evening. After this introduction it was time for the first round. In this round to the ladies themselves in Western clothes show, while Cynthia girls all suggested to the public and also what kind of information said. Striking is that many women no bhadjie lust. The question here (for Vishal ...) arose was whether this had a relationship with body shapes of some ladies. What also attracted a surprise was that the photos earlier in the India Online Magazine Feelings were still were very deceptive. In some positive, others negative.

After this round Shaksi and Rishi gave us a glimpse into the wonderful world of dance to the music of "Que Sera". That Shaksi us now and look somewhere else, we gave him to this but forgive. The dance of the two men was excellent. Their performance on "Jub dil mile 'should be refused, Rabin was the least warm Shaksi's movements ...

The next round was perhaps the most important round for the ladies. In any case the most nerve-term, so we should be able to propose. In the talent round had the ladies each have their own talent to the fore. Roexsana if the high chop with her dance, which combined Western and Indian styles. Beautiful movements nice James Bond-like silhouettes were in the background.
The following was Nalini with a dance, but this time on songs from the 60s and 70s. The Dutch 'Helen' seems to have been discovered.
Tanuja started its action in an explosive manner with an acrobatic leap backwards. She had chosen her teakwondo talent show and saw that her black belt was worth.

..... Unfortunately showed here that the nerves to her and the boss were .....

Radha took it very differently. Instead of her physical talent show, she bewilder the public with a perfect impersonation of Hema Malini in Sholay. As if that was not enough she is also a catchy dialogue from Mann back. It was like Manisha Koirala we stood!
NĂ©ha's poetic talents were on field level. With her beautiful self-written poem "nari" she attempted to inform the public to get a nomination. Unfortunately showed here that the nerves to her and the boss was.
After this oral performances was again time for the buttocks shaking. Shanti let the public see her body under control in a mixed western Indian dance.
Raki also appeared dancing in the knee (or knee?) To have her beautiful film dance.
Viyanti demonstrated symbolically through her dance various aspects of women. Especially the last aspect, the power of women, impressed. On the great way she karate kata movements to be carried out on Indian music.
Marita then stirred our souls with her self-written poem about the dream of every girl to her true prince (though the princess is now often) to meet her away after her marriage.
Sheetal was to change once again a dance. However this time nothing to do with Indian music, but pure RnB and streetdance.
Rachel took it as more that they did great on. She began with an explanation of what they would do. Unfortunately missing her a microphone, but this solved it simply by her clear voice use. Her dance symbolized the development of our Hindu culture of India, Suriname and the Netherlands over.
Then was the turn of Sangeeta who surprised the audience with her beautiful voice. If only they dared to take on a great way to hear the song, which came well before her birth.
Bianca had just as many for her decision to dance to perform. It was here that the first person on a mixed medley did. Her hip movements knew in any case the public turn to wake up shaking and uncle Rabin appeared deeply impressed.

.... And here were some people like to stand back more than others ......

Since we have 2.5 hours more were, it was time for a break. Where all the rest searches, works India Feelings hard by. So we begaven us backstage to once again strong word to the ladies (to Vishal's great fun). First, there is even bijgeroddeld with Cynthia, and each time we saw a potential Miss over come we shot with a few questions. First came our old friend Tanuja again. The fears they expressed in our last conversation had revealed in her right to be. She was afraid that her act was wrong and apparently they had some fresh tapped. That this was not noticed made her no less unhappy. It was also, like others we spoke, that the hardest part was over now. The rest was a piece of cake should be. Everyone was in any case it was quieter. One of the others that we spoke in the break was Raki. This spontaneous girl found herself completely under control and had decided to entertain quite this evening. Her confidence was also from the fact that it was the only one who aandurfde with curling pins in the photo to go!

After the break it was time for a whole list of words thanks. After this horror have passed we were happy to see the lady in beautiful cobalt blue sari with an orange in his hand umbrella. A lack of elegance was not really discernible in this group. And here were some people like to stand back more than others. Much more is there to say about this beautiful sari round, so we leave it here but.

The jury was removed by the presenters to discuss who to go on the 5 finalists were Miss Performance and whose price would be entitled to receive. Meanwhile, we were entertained by comedian Hague Hansraj Sardjoe aka milkman. In excellent way he publicly flat with his sharp jokes and hilarious way of talking. Entertainment excellence!

....... The sweat stood them on the head ......

And when the moment was finally there. The 5 finalists were announced. Who o Who was there to the grand final and who had only a basket full prices? (Incidentally, it was a very well-filled basket, so the ladies would on that have little to complain.) The power was cut when the lady came on stage. The sweat stood them on the forehead. Rabin went to the jury for the redeeming envelope and handed out to Cynthia. The public looked breathless again. One by one the names were listed ... Raki Ganga! Joy fell on her face to read and a thunderous applause she stepped forward. Radha Sudan! With a big smile they came forward. Shanti Jagmohansingh! They also went all radiant between her two predecessors. Rachel Dahoe! With characteristic enthusiasm, they are added to the joyful company. And then it was exciting ... Who would be the last? Who could continue in the battle for the title? Viyanti Ramdhiansing! Relief in Viyanti, disappointment with the other ladies. The finalists were known, the rest was allowed to go behind the scenes. It was now time for the round of questions ...

Each lady had a sealed envelope with a question choose. Then each woman was asked and if they answer this course. Despite its striking appearance but Rachel was a person who knew how to produce perfect answers. Not only was her answer to the question about the situation of women on death row in Nigeria politically correct, she also demonstrates a good knowledge of current affairs.

...... Who should take the crown and who only a basket ?.....

Thereafter if the jury back into deliberations and to keep us busy, the organization has a show in store. The boys moved smoothly on the Underground Kawinamuziek. The second piece was the lady of the company to swing and all in all it was a thunder show.

It was the extent ... The prizes were awarded. Who was the crown and who bring a basket? For the ultimate issue was first published and who is Miss Performance Miss Premika were called. The Miss Performance, as the name suggests, the non-finalist who had the best performance. This honor was the turn of Roexsana Sheikhalibaks, for her dance. Miss Premika by the participants themselves chose, it was the nice person who was found in the group. This prize went to finalist Shanti involved in an extra supplement her basket could count.
And then it was really ready. Cynthia Rabin and built the tension well by as long as possible nothing to tell. A delight for those of us who suffer from hold. The Second Runner Up was published .... Shanti Jagmohansingh! For the second time today she was in the spotlight. Then the First Runner Up ... Raki Ganga! Surprised and pleased they did a step forward for its price to receive. The end was in sight ... Who was the first? After 5 hours in power to have, after half year of hard practice was to have it ready. The room was dead silent. The presenters looked at the card ... and began a conversation with each other. The girls were shaking in their place ... And when Cynthia made an end to the sadism. Miss Hindustani or Holland in 2002 has become ... Radha Sudan! Cheers in the room, a look of disbelief and joy in Radha's eyes. Miss Hindustani 1997 placed the crown on her head, Radha took place on its throne, the cameras clicked and congratulations could begin!

..... When asked what they wanted to achieve with its title was her answer:
famous ......

Of course, we subsequently have a chat with the three ladies held. Shanti showed very delighted her to the Miss Premika title. Raki and Shanti were happy that it was and looked forward to their well-deserved rest. That peace was not for Miss Hindustani or Holland in 2002. They need us to represent a month and said then that they focus on the preparations thereof. After tonight in her jogging clothes on the bench had welt means ... When asked what they wanted to achieve with its title was her answer: famous. With so much honesty, we believe that they are scoring well in Durban soon. We wish her well good luck!

All in all it was a tiring day full of fun and entertainment. The organization was well regulated, the ladies were happy and spontaneous. It was a pleasant outing full entertainment again next year!

Vishal Hira & Anureeta Moes

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