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Maximale hypotheek
There are no translations availableWilt u zakelijk gaan investeren? Of staat u op het punt een huis te kopen. Bereken dan zelf snel, makkelijk en overzichtelijk het bedrag dat u maximaal kunt lenen voor een hypotheek. Indien u weet wat u max...
Donor or not? E-mail

Specials A narrow question, huh? For young people, the death fortunately still far away. If you are young you can be carefree and not so annoying, sensitive questions to be addressed.

Yet, imagine again. Your sister has a new heart needed, otherwise they will die within a few months. Your mother has kidney patient and life with pain and fatigue. One of your friends had suffered during the disaster in Volendam ...

... Then you still hope that someone she is a part of themselves they want to surrender, a donor. If this is not, however, the death for a young person suddenly very close. Since 1998 is the Donor Registry was created. Since 1999, annually to all young people in the previous 18 years by the Donor Registry made the choice to register via a form. So I got on my 19th that form on my doorstep and no doubt most of you too. After that scary thing for some time irresolute in the living room had jury, it disappeared again with the rubbish. Such a piece of paper is still too impersonal for you one of the persoonlijkste decisions to make in your life. Away with it. Road difficult choice. I was so easy not to.

Some months ago I came onto the forum of India Feelings and like so many I occasionally tend to quite me to hear. The quality of the topics ranged widely, but one stuck in a moment or above: 'Donor'. A topic on a forum for donors mainly Hindus tan? A young woman named 'Flower', the opener of the topic to be. The reactions were strongly one. Some wanted nothing to remove from their bodies after their death and others were again that if you do not want to be your donor also had no right to others organs, should they ever need. I thought that was a bit rough. I think everyone that choice for himself to make. Nobody has to say about your body, it is purely and only yours. It belongs to nobody else. So I found that people were not respected donor wanted to be. You people should not force something to their bodies as they really do not want. I had respect for the people who decided to do donor and my understanding for the opener of the topic was even greater when I read her personal motives. She was once on the list and if it is not a new body had received, she was probably not more. I understand clearly why they had decided to be a donor.

Everyone has a different view and in the Donor Registry should not necessarily be that you want to be donors. It is about clarity. Wil you a difficult choice to leave to your survivors after you die without having really know what you own now wanted? It is also to prevent other people unnecessarily losing their lives. Many people have no objection to their bodies disposed of after their death, but if you have never been clearly confirmed in the Donor Registry, your bodies still lost. These are the four choices you can make in the registration:

Choice 1: Yes, you decide to become donors (one or more) tissues or organs to stand. Hello, tissues or organs will not be lost.
Choice 2: No, you decide not to be a donor. If a doctor sees that you choice 2 registered, he / she is not your survivors need to carry out a difficult question at a difficult moment.
Choice 3: You leave the decision on to your survivors.
Choice 4: You leave the decision to a specific person who called you by name. This person know that you in principle not be negative towards donation and may receive his / her choice based.

Next week there will be some young people to bid you tell why they like or do not want to be donors. The best course is not just about it. Talk also about friends, acquaintances or family. Have they ever thought about and what they find it? Do you really what you think? Discuss reassure them on this topic on the forum and India Feelings you have already opened to the topic Organ Donor "on the link:
Rajshri Ramnares

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