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Maximale hypotheek
There are no translations availableWilt u zakelijk gaan investeren? Of staat u op het punt een huis te kopen. Bereken dan zelf snel, makkelijk en overzichtelijk het bedrag dat u maximaal kunt lenen voor een hypotheek. Indien u weet wat u max...
Total exhausted:-out! E-mail

Health Amrita was a hard worker, intelligent and workaholic, she had a beautiful career.

Amrita gave leadership to an operational department (an executive department), where they daily faced with new problems, decisions had to take a few minutes, projects should plan to attend meetings, write reports, regularly had to travel.

One day, the feeling in its top that they can not cope. She felt that she had to flee. Amrita started the interest in her work as it progresses. The workload was too high for her. High workload may ultimately end in-out feeling, the feeling that your energy is exhausted. The burn is due to an imbalance between the needs and requirements of the work. Someone-out, set especially high demands on themselves and their environment. It has almost nothing to do with the requirements imposed by the environment to be that person.

This process gradually. It is the result of a long accumulation of stress and frustration. There are clearly identifiable phases:

  • Satisfaction in work
    You are satisfied with your work. You cross your full energy into your work. In addition, enter your work with enthusiasm out. Everything should be as perfect as possible are completed, you seek perfectionism.
  • Shortage of energy
    You feel "on" to be, you feel exhausted. Other symptoms include restless sleep, decreased responsiveness and avoiding decisions. You will often complain that you are not as productive than before.
  • Chronic symptoms
    The emotional problems to manifest itself in psychological symptoms such as physical complaints, nausea, tension, headaches and back pain. Additionally, the rise in the morning even harder because you are tired. Your mood is always worse, you are increasingly irritated, eventually you're constantly grumpy. You change from a calm, quiet person in a grumpy person.
  • Crisis
    You will be "harassed" by problems related to work. Unfortunately you are unable to concentrate on your work. Ideally you would like to flights of all, your job, your family and your social life.
  • Final Omval
    You lose your strength to the situation to go. Your diet changes that you have more physical decline. Some will move on to alcohol and / or smoking. In this phase undergo some mental problems that can result in a depression or a stroke.

Avoiding burn.
Do you recognize any of these symptoms, it is time to ensure that you are not touched-out, but you heat (energy) in your late fires. You can burn to try to go through your work like it. Try to distribute the work, talk with your colleagues who will do what. Plan the work. This way you learn to deal effectively with time. It is also important that you not with a thousand things are working. Concentrate on one or a few cases. You have achieved nothing if you make promises to work to make that you can not finish. Moreover you should respond to the sounds of your body. Irritation, headache, fatigue, these are not random signals. Rust good when you are tired, take time for yourself. Go good sports after work even if you're so tired. It gives just a good, satisfied feeling when you leave the gym after a physical effort. Sports provides physical relaxation in addition to mental relaxation. When you are in your work, people increasingly come to you for information or advice. They all want to make use of your time. In this way others consume your mental energies without having to be aware of the consequences. Mental relaxation is very important. Leer also "no" to learn because you do not constantly say others can help. You have obligations to reduce others. Do not you think it is possible that you-out hits by the accumulation of unpleasant situations. Make arrangements with old friends. It is important that you keep your network expands or not related to your work. There is more than work. Accept the way you are. Nobody is perfect.

Work is important, your life should not run around. The process of energy depletion takes place gradually. The exhaustion will often manifest themselves in low motivation, dissatisfaction in your work and reducing your involvement. Make sure you have enough energy to continue your work and of course the fun of your work. Take the time to yourself to recharge!


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