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Maximale hypotheek
There are no translations availableWilt u zakelijk gaan investeren? Of staat u op het punt een huis te kopen. Bereken dan zelf snel, makkelijk en overzichtelijk het bedrag dat u maximaal kunt lenen voor een hypotheek. Indien u weet wat u max...
What is hyperventilation? E-mail
Hyperventilation is a wrong way of breathing. "Hyper" means high and "ventilation" refers to the breathing. Hyperventilation means literally increased breathing. Hyper ventilation means that you too fast or deep breathing.

Normal breathing
The breathing you breathe in oxygen and carbon dioxide out. The breathing adapts to what you do. With effort, such as stair walking or running, you get more oxygen, and then you will breathe faster and your heart beat faster.

How does hyperventilation?
If too fast or too deep is inhaled, there is too much oxygen in a short time and there is too much carbon dioxide exhaled. It remains too little carbon dioxide in the blood, which the body processes are disrupted. This caused the symptoms which are not serious, but very difficult.
If you are anxious or tense, your body in a stressful situation corrupted. It is as if the body is preparing for an effort. You will naturally breathe faster and your heart beat faster. Thus, anxiety and tension to ensure that you are going to hyper ventilate.

Hyperventilation is common
Anyone can suffer from hyperventilation get. But a hyper ventileert only once in his or her life and has a regular problem. It is important to know that hyperventilation annoying but not dangerous. There are complaints such as anxiety, tightness in the chest, palpitations, tingling in fingers, feet or mouth, sweating and dizziness. Such an attack may be followed by diarrhea, abdominal pain, headache, back pain or a flu feeling.

Acute hyperventilation can be very frightening. The patient has the feeling of choking and can be dizzy, fainting, nausea and pain over the chest or abdomen. The muscles of the forearms and calves getting and cause involuntary bending and straightening of the wrists and ankles. Certainly someone who does not understand what is happening, can panic the breathing more uncontrolled and the attack increases. The patient ends up in a vicious circle.

What is hyperventilation to
It is important to the cause of the hyperventilation stage. To this end it is necessary to examine the circumstances in which the attacks occur, and the attendant phenomena recognize. People in your immediate environment can often help. Writing down the circumstances and experiences, in this context are very valuable. A conversation with the doctor may also enlightening to find out the cause to

If you find that your hyper ventileert or other symptoms of anxiety you feel coming, try to quiet breathing. A quiet breathing can help to reduce complaints. There are other ways to the stress state of your body to be reduced. Some people lead by the power off to read aloud. Others find distraction in exercises such as knee bends or jumping rope.

What can you do to yourself
It is very important to try not panic. Because hyperventilation such serious shows like symptoms can be difficult. Yet this is one of the best advice, because hyperventilation can not be treated with medication.
For the complaints to disappear, the shortage of carbon dioxide to be completed. Slow and shallow breathing works very well. Also, the breath as long as possible be retained. There is less carbon dioxide exhaled. In practice, these opinions do not always.

Who is panicking, it can not always afford to relax and breathe slowly. A plastic bag is a good tool. If the attack rises, this pouch for mouth and nose to be considered. The exhale is a lot of carbon dioxide in the bag, which is then inhaled. This increases the carbon dioxide content in the blood and the symptoms disappear within a few minutes. This method is very effective.
Even breathing through a piece of hose can help. Because the air through a narrow channel must be sucked, a lot of resistance caused. Breathing is difficult and rapid breathing impossible.

You can do exercises that you learn calmer breathing. Go sit upright, try to keep the chest closed, and just try to breathe with your belly. Keep your hands on your abdomen, just below the ribs. With each breath feel your abdomen up and down. Care for your quiet breathing. Always three seconds to breathe and six seconds to breathe. Tel in mind that:

in - 2-3 - in - 2-3 - 4 - 5-6
in - 2-3 - in - 2-3 - 4 - 5-6
and so on.

Slowly exhale is often the hardest. Therefore for each count a little air to escape. Do this exercise five times in succession and at least three times per day. The more you exercise the better. Then you can get your breathing in different postures engage: lying, sitting or standing. If that works, you can exercise while you're doing something, when you're reading or if you are able to cope.

There are no medicines for hyperventilation, and against fear. The disadvantage of these funds is that they do not solve the problem and ultimately addiction. For more information you can go along to your GP or contact the Dutch hyperventilation Foundation (NHS).


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