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Maximale hypotheek
There are no translations availableWilt u zakelijk gaan investeren? Of staat u op het punt een huis te kopen. Bereken dan zelf snel, makkelijk en overzichtelijk het bedrag dat u maximaal kunt lenen voor een hypotheek. Indien u weet wat u max...
Pleasure Paas Party & Aventura E-mail
GWK / Money Transfer Pleasure Paas Party on Easter is a tradition. This year, the PPP in the Silverdome in Zoetermeer.Er were 3 rooms: Latin Fever, The Urban Spot Lounge and Hindi. On the program were: Aventura, Gio Fuertisimo, Oscar D'Leon, RMXCRW, Amolab Soundsystem feat. Lyrical Jabby & Roy, K-Liber, La Rouge and DJs Sosa, El Che, Iq, Woody, Hot Dogg, Immenzo and Moortje.

Only a few days before the party I learned that the Aventura Pleasure Paas Party will optreden.Helaas am I too late for press cards and IF we have the tickets for 31 euros each, to buy themselves.

The big day of the PPP has come. We write Sunday April 11, 2004. We go early and come home around quarter past nine in the Silver Dome. We are clearly not the only ones who were so wise. There is a huge crowd of a thousand men with a row for the only entrance. The start of the PPP is a veritable hell. Footpace the mass forward. You will be completely flat and is a kind of lawn. I think it is a scary situation. You can not end if something happens. But we insist and after about a half hour intimate with total strangers we can redeem vouchers for real cards and then we are finally inside. The concert of Aventura would begin at eleven o'clock, according to the program so there is no time to hang our coats on because there is a lengthy and wide row. Even I think that crowd outside that state. I would say it's soft, not happy if I had missed Aventura.

Then the ladies and gentlemen and we separated by a narrow corridor of barriers. Not really pleasant. Then I get bevoeld extended or searched by a lady of the security. Now the party started, we think. Guess again. If we in line for a drink, we discovered that we need coins. Weather over half an hour later, we have coins and drinks. Fortunately, the concert was done. As we enter the great hall, they just started: Aventurrrrra!

The performance is really good. Tophits as Cuando Volveras, Lloras and Obsession are over. The boys, Anthony, Henry, Lenny and Max can sing except also entertain. The highlight is when a fat girl on stage is required. It shall be chaired alternately by all Members Aventura 'taken . Both before and behind it (with clothes on of course) used. The whole room is flat. The girl Manon, so read on Aventura fanclub site, had the night of her life. It seems to occur less than a half hour to the program were. Unfortunately it is not good photos of Aventura to.

The audience is very diverse. Is there a lot female clean around. The Latina lovers are eyes deficit. But there are enough fine men present. The atmosphere is good. However, enough do not step-on-my-toes-or I'll kick-your-ass characters.

Oscar D'Leon de salsa legend, is next. He is very good live. Unfortunately my brother, girlfriend and I do not dance salsa and see what we envy around us to couples who do super well. It is nice to them on the dance floor to see float.

The Lounge Hindi is the public as younger. The DJs spin great music. Here everyone dances. Then we go to The Urban Spot. La Rouge, we see a brilliant show. It's about half past four when the lights go. All in all it was a fun party. The occurrence of Aventura has he done yet, the huge queues for the entrance, the mints and drinks a damper on the whole. Or the next time I would go? Uh .. Let me find out.

Rosa de Sousa
Photos of Anthony of Aventura with thanks and permission from

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