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Dhoom 2
Original title: Dhoom 2
Category Action
Year: 2006
Country: India
Time: 147 minutes
Director: Sanjay Gadhvi
Abhishek Bachchan, Hrithik Roshan, Aishwarya Rai, Uday Chopra, Bipasha Basu
Soundtrack "Crazy Kiya Re" Sunidhi Chauhan "Touch Me" KK, Alisha Chinai "My Name Is Ali" Sonu Nigam, Bipasha Basu "Dil Laga Na" Sukhbir, Soham Chakrabarthy, Jolly Mukherjee, Mahalaxmi Lyer, Suzanne "Crazy Remix" Sunidhi Chauhan (remix by Bunty Rajput) "Dhoom Again" Vishal Dadlani, Dominique Cerejo
A burglar has carried out heists throughout the world - from Argentina to Japan - and is virtually unstoppable, as no policeman in any country knows when and where he is going to strike next, neither do they know what he actually looks like. Assistant Commissioner of Police, Jai Dixit, is assigned this case along with fellow A.C.P. and former collegian, Sonali Bose. Jai comes to the conclusion that 'A' likes to strike on a date that totals 8, and also deduces that 'A' plans to mark the letter 'A' on Earth. The next possible heist is going to be Mumbai, India, and this is where the security forces are put on maximum alert. Assisting Jai and Sonali is former jailbird-turned-police-informer, Ali Akbar Fateh Khan. Despite of these precautions, 'A' manages to steal a priceless diamond and escapes. Now Jai decides to take the assistance of another burglar, a female by the name of Sunehri, who would like to mend her ways and do anything to stay out of prison. She is asked to burglarize a valuable on the same day and time as 'A', which she does, meets with 'A', and gets to know him. The scene then turns to Copacabana in Brazil, where all concerned parties re-locate to. This is where the final confrontation will take place between 'A' on one side and Jai, Sonali, & Ali on the other, and this is where Jai will find out that Sunehri cannot be trusted, as she may have fallen in love with the mysterious 'A', and instead of aiding the Police, may assist him in making his getaway.
5.50/10 ( 2 Votes )
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