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Baabul Baabul [ 2006 - India ]
Original title: Baabul [ Hits:11294 ]
Plot: While golfing, Malvika Talwar meets with handsome, U.S.-returned Avinash, both fall in love with each other, and shortly thereafter get married.

Baaghi Baaghi [ 2000 - India ]
Original title: Baaghi [ Hits:10830 ]
Plot: Professor Vidyashankar Pandey gets employed as a lecturer in a college and relocates to Bombay. His family, consisting of himself, his wife, and a you

Bachna Ae Haseeno Bachna Ae Haseeno [ 2008 - India ]
Original title: Bachna Ae Haseeno [ Hits:12623 ]
Plot: Why do girls always fall for the wrong guy? Their mothers warn them about him. Their friends shake their heads disapprovingly. Their minds tell them

Badal Badal [ 2000 - India ]
Original title: Badal [ Hits:10210 ]
Plot: Badal (Bobby Deol) is a victim of the 1984 riots who has been brought up by a terrorist (Ashish Vidyarthi). Badal lives with the sole aim of extermina

Baghban Baghban [ 2003 - India ]
Original title: Baghban [ Hits:9957 ]
Plot: Raj Malhotra (Amitabh Bachchan) and wife Pooja (Hema Malini) have four sons. The sons have settled down professionally and are quite independent. Howe

Bawandar Bawandar [ 200 - India ]
Original title: Bawandar [ Hits:43196 ]
Plot: Shoba T. Mathur works for the Central Government in India and her job is to create awareness against child-marriage and other social evils that prevai

Being Cyrus Being Cyrus [ 2006 - India ]
Original title: Being Cyrus [ Hits:12871 ]
Plot: The Sethna family resides in the hills of Panchgani. A retired sculptor Dinshaw heads the family of Dinshaw's wife Katy , brother Farokh (Boman Irani)

Beti No.1 Beti No.1 [ 2000 - India ]
Original title: Beti No.1 [ Hits:41822 ]
Plot: Durga Devi has three sons, Ram, Laxman and Bharat. She wants a heir to carry the family name forward. Ram and Laxman are married and have so far only

Bhagam Bhag Bhagam Bhag [ 2006 - India ]
Original title: Bhagam Bhag [ Hits:10932 ]
Plot: Champak Chaturvedi runs a theatrical troupe in India. He hires two men, Bunty - a graduate in Arts, and Babla- who cannot read nor write English. One

Bhai Thakur Bhai Thakur [ 2000 - India ]
Original title: Bhai Thakur [ Hits:9401 ]
Plot: Gajendra Singh lives a wealthy lifestyle in a village in India. He has never attended school and as a result does not know how to read or write in Hin

Bhool Bhulaiyaa Bhool Bhulaiyaa [ 2007 - India ]
Original title: Bhool Bhuliayaa [ Hits:25918 ]
Plot: When U.S.-based Siddharth visits his Indian home town with his new wife, he insists they stay at the ancestral home, laughing off family members' warn

Bichhoo Bichhoo [ 2000 - India ]
Original title: Bichhoo [ Hits:11393 ]
Plot: Jeeva is a small-time criminal leading the life of a nonentity. His perchant for solitude is an outcome of his troubled past. The fresh breath of life

Big Brother Big Brother [ 2007 - India ]
Original title: Big Brother [ Hits:14271 ]
Plot: S.P. Sharma lives a middle-class lifestyle in Delhi, India, along with his wife, and son, Devdhar. His wife passes away, and Sharma re-marries Sitad

Billa No.786 Billa No.786 [ 2000 - India ]
Original title: Billa No.786 [ Hits:35958 ]
Plot: Billa No 786 is the story of Shankar who had promised his dying mother that he would marry her friends daughter Pinky and thus fulfill her dream. Afte

Black Black [ 2005 - India ]
Original title: Black [ Hits:8987 ]
Plot: Michelle McNally is an unfortunate child: an illness in her infancy has rendered her blind , mute and deaf . She is living in a dark world when Debraj

Bluffmaster Bluffmaster [ 2005 - India ]
Original title: Bluffmaster [ Hits:12986 ]
Plot: Roy is leading a dual life . His girlfriend Simi believes he is an honest person while the reality is quite different. Roy is actually a professiona

Bulandi Bulandi [ 2000 - India ]
Original title: Bulandi [ Hits:10570 ]
Plot: Known for their fair-mindedness, the Thakurs preside over a small town in India, namely Bharatpur. The people of this town trust and respect their dec

Bunty Aur Babli Bunty Aur Babli [ 2005 - India ]
Original title: Bunty Aur Babli [ Hits:13671 ]
Plot: Rakesh{Abhishek Bachchan} and Vimmi{Rani Mukherji} are two ambitious wannabes from small towns where their dreams are written off as outrageous dayd

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