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Main Hoon Na Main Hoon Na [ 2004 - India ]
Original title: Main Hoon Na [ Hits:10326 ]
Plot: When India and Pakistan decide to end their hostilities, there are one army person in India who is unhappy, because of his son's death in the Indo-Pak

Mard Mard [ 1985 - India ]
Original title: Mard [ Hits:12839 ]
Plot: British intelligence comes over to India and loot all its wealth and carry it over to there country. Once they were being challenge by a brave king

Mehbooba Mehbooba [ 2008 - India ]
Original title: Mehbooba [ Hits:12436 ]
Plot: Afzal Khan, producer of 'Hum Kisise Kum Nahin,' starring Amitabh Bachchan, Sanjay Dutt, Ajay Devgan and Aishwarya Rai, is back with another multi-st

Mission Istaanbul Mission Istaanbul [ 2008 - India ]
Original title: Mission Istaanbul [ Hits:41502 ]
Plot: A promising journalist Vikas Sagar (Zayed Khan) is offered a position to head a controversial news station in Istanbul by its owner Owais Husain (Suni

Mohabbatein Mohabbatein [ 2000 - India ]
Original title: Mohabbatein [ Hits:13247 ]
Plot: In India open romance is forbidden, as is showing affecting in public. A Colleg e Principal named Narayan is a strong believer. He is aware that a m

Money Hai Toh Honey Hai Money Hai Toh Honey Hai [ 2008 - India ]
Original title: Money Hai Toh Honey Hai [ Hits:11919 ]
Plot: This film deals with six individual characters. Bobby is a happy go lucky guy, who runs away from home to prove himself. Lalabhai becomes wealthy afte

Mother India Mother India [ 1957 - India ]
Original title: Mother India [ Hits:14311 ]
Plot: It is the tale that is constantly repeated in real life. When Radha was married, her mother-in-law borrowed five hundred rupees from the villa

Mr White Mr Black Mr White Mr Black [ 2008 - India ]
Original title: Mr White Mr Black [ Hits:11279 ]
Plot: Gopi, a simpleton, arrives in Goa from Hoshiyarpur, to hand over a tiny piece of land to his childhood friend Kishen, which was his father’s l

Mr. Hot Mr. Kool Mr. Hot Mr. Kool [ 2007 - India ]
Original title: Mr. Hot Mr. Kool [ Hits:13054 ]

Mujhse Dosti Karoge Mujhse Dosti Karoge [ 2002 - India ]
Original title: Mujhse Dosti Karoge [ Hits:12986 ]
Plot: Raj, Pooja and Tina are childhood friends. While Raj has always been attracted to the vivacious Tina, he is completely unaware of the quiet Pooja's

Mujhse Shaadi Karogi Mujhse Shaadi Karogi [ 2004 - India ]
Original title: Mujhse Shaadi Karogi [ Hits:12622 ]
Plot: Sunny rents a room in a City called Goa in India. His room-mate is Sameer, who likes to fool around with woman, then dump them. He eventually falls in

My Name is Anthony Gonsalves My Name is Anthony Gonsalves [ 2008 - India ]
Original title: My Name is Anthony Gonsalves [ Hits:12161 ]
Plot: An orphan, Anthony Gonzalves (Nikhil Dwivedi) was picked up by kind-hearted gangster Sikander (Pawan Malhotra), who, instead of admitting him into the

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