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Maximale hypotheek
There are no translations availableWilt u zakelijk gaan investeren? Of staat u op het punt een huis te kopen. Bereken dan zelf snel, makkelijk en overzichtelijk het bedrag dat u maximaal kunt lenen voor een hypotheek. Indien u weet wat u max...
The (Indian) mode for 2005 E-mail
Mode 2005 The summer is still far. Or is it closer than you think? The fashion world is the summer in full swing, the fashion of the summer understood. And this year, India (again) a source of inspiration for the fashion of summer 2005 as Africa and China. We have for the true fashion addicts a brief overview of what you can and can not handle more this summer.

The trends for summer 2005
What are the trends for an exotic summer?

  • Warm tones reminiscent of zonverbrande earth.
  • Beautiful jungle prints and batik.
  • Tribal jewelry.
  • Sexy tunics and richly worked caftan.
  • Exciting animal prints.
  • Gold and silver, lavish jewelry with colored stones: bollywood!
  • Color, color and another color: lots of yellow, green, purple and red.
  • Long necklaces with pearls and colored beads, large earrings and lots of bracelets.
  • And of course, flair and courage to all to contribute.

Most combinations will schönes Indian or dare to, because the combination of colors, jewelry and many bracelets that we know al Just a simple sari. This is usually in a floral color worn and the whole course to make his jewelry ....
But yes, these trends only for women?

The summer 2005 for man
The men are also well represented this summer in fashion. In the clothing you can clearly find an Indian style. There is an emphasis in the British colonial past. This is reflected in:

  • Jackets with Ruiten Madras.
  • Nehru-hatted.
  • Close-shirts with henna prints.
  • The use color combinations like pink and orange and apple green and yellow.

Moreover, large bags, hats, accessories next year. Each brand of Prada and Roberto Cavalli and Missoni and Pringle, the hat is. And with Boris and Justin Timberlake as fans, the good with the hat.

What you have to wear next summer as a true Indian Feelings fashion addict.

  • Color!
    This summer carries the dominant color, such as pastels, but also bright colors like bright yellow, turquoise, leaf ... mix colors with exciting jungle animal prints and exotic prints for an exotic (erotic!).
  • Make your outfit with jewelry and jewelry.
    Have you ever been in love jewelry? Grab your chance this summer. wear long chains, several at once, jingling arms, exotic bungee different earrings. If it is large and colored!
  • The trousers, three-quarters or seven eighths and widespread.
    Got him in the closet hanging? Then it is time for this! The capri-pants, a symbol of ultimate zomerfun and carefree holidays by the sea and breaks this summer really all the way. Wear 'm' baggy 'with a few high heels, a sexy top, a nice centuur and some super wide bracelets.
  • Full skirts
    Wear your skirts wide! Elegant and feminine, with a high waist like in the'50s or casual and lovely bohemian (the neo-hippy look) like in the 70s. Layer upon layer, it should again! You can not invent it so crazy if we go to see it.
  • Bloezen and airy tops
    Feel like reborn in the new, wide, ultra-feminine bloezen: draped, layer upon layer, with roesjes in chiffon, cotton in fresh, in transparent materials. if it is female!
  • With nail alright you!
    Yes, you may even jeans! nail must! but super refined if wide skirt as sexy capri pants or even if taileur! with sparkling crystals and colored stones. as it is so remarkable. This money also for the gentlemen.
  • The India-rage
    Join India-rage! There are few designers who did not participate: the Indian-rage. In most collections was a reference to this colorful country and in particular to Bollywood (eg 'Bombay' is because the Indian film industry is located there). So out of the closet this exotic robes. Feel a bollywood star!
  • Blasting with glossy fabrics, sequin, crystal and mirrors ...
    Go radiant life in shiny materials or reflected sunlight through thousands sequin, crystal and mirrors. The summer of 2005 is a long celebration.
  • Open toe
    Buy at least a couple of shoes that your toes a little bit of release, as in the'50s.

What you next summer especially touching as a true Indian Feelings fashion addict.

  • Puntschoenen
    Contribute now no puntschoenen! In case you still did not know: shoes with round noses are. Just think of ballerina's.
  • Bare belly
    That bare belly really can not! (unfortunately we have too many).
  • Simple black and white
    'Keep it simple "is a motto that fits in the 90s. Step simple color combinations, but that the mix is a feast. Use your imagination!
  • Tight trousers
    Tight, long trousers with low waist - you know, the Gucci-modelletjes of the late 90s - we have now seen. Go instead for feminine and widespread.
  • Men cut
    Let the simple cotton uni-sex blouse you still have hanging in the closet, but this season on. Men are cut off. The summer of 2005, female, exuberant, challenging, provocative, erotic ...! got it?
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