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Maximale hypotheek
There are no translations availableWilt u zakelijk gaan investeren? Of staat u op het punt een huis te kopen. Bereken dan zelf snel, makkelijk en overzichtelijk het bedrag dat u maximaal kunt lenen voor een hypotheek. Indien u weet wat u max...
Acne E-mail
The full name is "Acne vulgaris". Better known as' youth 'spots. Almost everyone gets it. The only one less serious than the other. And that can sometimes lead to major problems. Most of it is in puberty to around the 25th year dilate. But acne can also make in later life.
What exactly is acne?
Acne is an inflammation of the skin around the sebaceous glands (talgklierfollikels). The sebaceous glands in the face, on the back and chest are bigger and produce more skin more or tallow. If too much sebum is separated tallow can accumulate. This accumulation is co-eaters said. You have two types of co-eaters: superficial co-eaters (black comedonen) and subcutaneous co-eaters (white comedonen). The tallow accumulation may get worse, which exports state of the sebaceous gland is closer. The bacteria in the sebaceous gland are then converted into fatty acids. This accumulated sebum and fatty acids, the clogged sebaceous gland and eventually refurbished. The substances will then go to the adjacent skin and thus cause an inflammation. And resulting papules and spots.

What factors are involved?
Acne is an inflammation of the skin around the sebaceous glands. This can occur by several factors:
* Hormones (androgens) may provide an increased sebum production. This is taaier tallow and thicker. Tallow can not easily go out and as a pore becomes clogged;
* Tallow is due out hairs, but the occurrence of acne is less or less its formation. The tallow remains behind;
* There are extra dead skin cells. They are less quick disposal. This ensures that the pores become more clogged, br> * Due to the obstruction of sebum and skin cells, there is less oxygen. If there is more bacteria.
* Also, acne caused by factors outside influence. Most of that material that is an obstruction of the sebaceous glands cause. Think of make-up. Mechanical factors also play a role. This refers to the pressure and rubbing;
* And some medications can cause acne occurs.

How can you see acne?
Acne can be seen in co-eaters, red papules (paper) and spots (red skin, skin swells and there is pus out). If it is a severe inflammation may heal after the ugly scars occur. The squeeze or scratch can create scars.

Types of acne.
There is not a form of acne. The most serious form, acne conglobata. This form is most common in men. Acne see you in the chest, back and shoulders. It is less visible in the face. Characteristics of this type are dubbelcomeden (co-eaters), large lumps and subcutaneous abscesses. The result can be ugly scars that you can keep them on.

Acne is not only on the chest, back, shoulders and face. The side also in the armpits, the groins and the buttocks. This form is called ectopic acne.

People can also become obsessed. This usually occurs in young women with little acne. They go out scratching and squeezing the spots out. The problem is that it is only getting worse. The substances from a pimple to come back into the adjacent skin and are then ignited. This form is called acne excoriee.

There is no real treatment as acne blocking. However, more and more resources on the market that can ensure that acne is not so bad. It will remove the spots do not. Acne is a chronic character. Stay acne treatment with a plea until you no longer have to.

There are several resources for acne. The resources are all focused on one part of the process. One example that makes the sebaceous formation is reduced while the other does inhibit the inflammation. Provide a means or the time. Usually it takes 1 to 3 months before you see results. See you do not use it in a way. Why not just the new one? As I just said extracted any means another part of the process. Together, they are stronger.

A number of products that help to combat acne:
A cheap way: UV rays and sunlight. This may temporarily help. Make no intensive use, such as cancer can occur. Or you can also zinc ointment at bedtime to lubricate the pimple. The following morning the pimple then dehydrated.

Brand: Clearasil.
What does it do?: The initial release of pores, remove dirt and grease spots and bacteria are slain.
Price: + / - € 5.00

Line: Zarqa Young Care.
Well recommended: Zarqa Pure Skin Cleansing Wash € 8.85/200 ML
Zarqa Pure Skin Cleansing Tonic € 7.45/200 ML
Zarqa Pure Skin Treatment € 6.55/20 ML
Zarqa Pure Skin Cream € 8.25/75 ML

Brand: Garnier Pure SOS Stick.
What does it do?: You can use this if you occasionally have problems with spots.
Price: + / - € 7.95

But there are plenty of products that help combat acne. The only thing you should do is let you know about a product. Do not take just anything. If you know or you have a mild form, make sure also that the product is a light form of acne.

Important: Some resources may make your skin extra sensitive to sunlight. Always consult a doctor.


Chantal Phagoe.

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