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Maximale hypotheek
There are no translations availableWilt u zakelijk gaan investeren? Of staat u op het punt een huis te kopen. Bereken dan zelf snel, makkelijk en overzichtelijk het bedrag dat u maximaal kunt lenen voor een hypotheek. Indien u weet wat u max...
If Haldol fails (part 1) E-mail
An experience with a hallucinating patient

There comes a time in the student life that you think of "I need a job". Similarly pasgeleden with me. With nostalgia, I thought back to my old job as a watch alarm to a photo for the elderly, the ideal student job. Too bad that modern technology made us unnecessary and we were uitgeknikkerd.

My job was simple. I had a bed, a kitchen, a shower, a TV and VCR and I had myself from 17.00 to 8.30 to see fun. Until a resident in emergency alarm and I would save as heroic medicine student had to fly out to the poor life to save. If it was not romantic. While I always hoped for a brain injury or cardiac arrest when my beeper afging remained my hero action is generally limited to the kitchen to get a sleep for the residents who are too lazy for washing themselves. Especially frustrating was the course of colleagues when I heard that they are living with a stroke or something like that ought to help, but maybe another obese occupant back in his bed was lifting ... as I was lucky. On a night when the stars were bright in the sky and I looked sadly out, I suddenly saw something on a shooting star appeared. The best could also precipitate a plane, but I decided to have just something to be desired. Of course I wish that my work would finally beeped by a patient who was really sick. I know ...

It was a Tuesday, but it also had a Wednesday can be. I prepared me back for a quiet night sleep. I just had my dinner behind the choice when the beeper around 20.00 afging. Still hoping for a cardiac arrest during my room to see where my help was needed. Ground floor. Since I am on the 6th and I found myself naturally not too tired to make the case I turn someone in bed was lifting, I pressed the button of the lift. Seconds seemed hours ... But eventually I heard the redeeming "TING." The liftdeur was open and I sprint a step in the elevator. I printed on the BG button and waited until the doors were closed. Seconds seemed hours ... then the doors were indeed closed and the elevator fell. "TING" sounded again and I was on the ground floor. Volatile looked me over my. I was already at the point the motion of the residents to run when someone tapped me on my shoulder. I looked around and there was a friendly-looking lady. "Yes, sorry, I've beaten alarm. I had aangebeld in your room, but there was no one open, so it was so." I thought to myself that I follow the radio but a little less hard to continue. The lady explained to me that it was the home and the contract was for a single lady, that we for the sake of privacy but will call X, to rugs, medicines and in bed to stop. Mrs X, however, felt nothing for her room and refused to enter. The lady of the household had X 'daughter already called, which would be around 21.00. The request to me was whether I wanted to apply to X, because the lady home along with other people had. Disappointed, I took this task upon me happy and made the lady away.

X was in the recreation room at a table. When I walked in the room, she was the other residents in scents and colors to tell the horrors in her room place. I decided as a chat with Mrs it. X told me that they all heard noises in her room. There were whispers from the walls, people a preplanned conspiracy to kill her. They also saw strange black fog clouds. And they did it complain about the lady of the household. That it did not believe, but it really was. My diagnosis was of course "completely crazy" (I had the block "psychological and social (DYS) function has not yet been), but this was obviously not known to her. After what her voice to have succeeded me to get her to work with her to her room to go. I was very proud that I did this, and saw a glorious career as a psychiatrist for me in the pipeline. However, my bubble splashing each other, when it became clear that Mrs X wanted absolutely nothing else in the chair in her room to sit. They did not want to change, they would not take her medication and she has certainly not going to sleep. They told me to be quiet. I had to listen to the voices, as they were back. The man told his wife that he would murder Ms X. And look, there were rats on the ceiling! My previous diagnosis was confirmed this, but I could me somewhat that Ms was afraid if they do these things heard and saw. Hartig good as I was (and because they do not let me go), I decided to stay with her.

Seconds seemed hours ... I started to bore me pretty, Mrs X. Very much buoy ends she had not come forward and after 17 times of that story was that voices are not fun anymore. To be honest I started it a little scary to find. The room was quite dark X, and everything was pretty classic style. Oak furniture, dark carpet. The lamp gave little light. I started to ask me or not really haunted room. Maybe Ms are right, maybe it was a sort of medium between this world and the hereafter. I looked at X again. At first glance you would not say that she saw fly (or heard talking in this case). But in her eyes I could clearly see a frightened look. Madam was afraid, and not a little bit too. Logical really. She heard all sorts of strange things. She heard that they would be killed. She saw black fog and rats. She feared for her life. And the worst was that nobody would believe her. Everyone had told her that there was nothing wrong. But they all heard it. The walls whisper using ...

Next week for part 2!

Vishal Hira?
From: O'Dokter Nr.2 2001 30th year

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