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Maximale hypotheek
There are no translations availableWilt u zakelijk gaan investeren? Of staat u op het punt een huis te kopen. Bereken dan zelf snel, makkelijk en overzichtelijk het bedrag dat u maximaal kunt lenen voor een hypotheek. Indien u weet wat u max...
Home steaming E-mail
There is a very simple way to spend a steam treatment. This only concerns the steaming your face and neck. For a complete steam, you have a steam bath or sauna can go.

Below is a small instruction with some tips that the steam to a simple, enjoyable act makes.

Put the following items ready before before start:
- A (drug) needed large bowl;
- About 1.5 liters of boiled water;
- A large hand-bath towels;
- Any herbs like green tea, sage, tea bag or a few drops of essential oil.

If you keep the following tips, you get the maximum results from a steam treatment. These tips also prevent accidents with hot water!

1. When everything you are ready, you can water just off the boil, pour in the bowl. Let stand briefly, the steam that comes out now is just too hot and you want to burn your face of course not! You can in advance what to do in green tea leaves, sage, or a herbal tea bag cut open. These herbs have any specific benefits for your skin and is described later in this piece more detail below.
2. Put the bowl on a solid substrate, such as a table and make sure you well with your face right above the bowl can hang. Turn the towel all over your head and bend your face to about 20 to 30 cm above the bowl
3. The steam is still very hot and if you feel really hot leave your towel on a small kiertje open. Try gently breathe through your mouth because your nose is too hot.
4.Als good beginning so after about a minute to sweat so that all large drops of sweat from your face unreeling: this is good! 3 minutes is more than adequate.
5. After your treatment you your face with water and a clean towel blotting. What now recommended for your skin really clean is a purifying mask. Whether this is ready-made or homemade.

A healing force for sickness
Even when cold, many people seem to feel relief. Although never scientifically proven is that you could cure some people swear by a bath when they are not feeling well. The known-Vicks ointment that your mother you might opsmeerde if you had a cold for you to bed, is also used for steam to release your airways and the phlegm to obtain. The eucalyptus known herb is also in this powerful ointment processed which in turn is reminiscent of the steaming with herbs.

For all young children is not advisable to steam because of anxiety symptoms may occur. Also in asthma patients may aggravate the symptoms. Other than that steaming is a very good way to get at least a boost to give at any time.

Steaming in a Professional
If you once have the luxury to make a total beauty treatment at the specialist for your birthday or are you going to go to a spa or spa, turn the steam treatment not just because it ensures that total effect of a beautiful shining home at the end of the trip. But would you specifically for a steam treatment to be a beauty, remember that the effect at least as good as the home steaming. Certain steam equipment on the market have almost the same effect as the most simple way: it is ultimately ordinary steam from water.

What is interesting for people at home do not have private sauna, a course once a sauna or a Turkish bath to visit! Because not only your face but your whole body in a steam treatment benefit.

Those who do it? Eng? to find a sauna due to the fact that you almost naked among strangers is I assure there are a lot of sauna? s private booths where you have and where you all peace and privacy is a wonderful steam treatment can undergo. And almost every sauna the possibility of certain days or times of men and women separately to use the facilities.

There are in the Netherlands in recent years, some real hammams opened a special oriental bathhouse that actually is a variation on the stove that we know. Men and women are almost always separate and often you can a nice cup of (mint) tea, snacks and many have even an oriental lounge. There are various treatments but interesting is the steam room - and that says it all - where you have a steam treatment for your whole body can undergo.

Interested? A number of large hammams in the Netherlands have a nice professional website with all information and rates. You can take a look at: or also interesting:

A small effort
I would advise beginners to try at home once the steaming of the skin can do for you. You then become excited (and surprised by the result) you can determine whether you feel worthy, for example, once a sauna visit.

Perhaps there will be at first more ladies than gentlemen enthusiastically begin their first home steam treatment after reading the many benefits here. I want this treatment, however, strongly recommend everyone, man and woman, young and old for a radiant and healthy skin.

Remember this: we give z? N any year a lot of money on cleaning products and skin care cosmetics. We do this because we strive for a beautiful and healthy skin that we all seem to want to do. What let you to use an ancient technique that is directly the result ensures that you actually wanted?

It is one of the steps to a beautiful and healthy appearance where you will be proud of if you look in the mirror.

Jamilah Djorai

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