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Maximale hypotheek
There are no translations availableWilt u zakelijk gaan investeren? Of staat u op het punt een huis te kopen. Bereken dan zelf snel, makkelijk en overzichtelijk het bedrag dat u maximaal kunt lenen voor een hypotheek. Indien u weet wat u max...
Play an endless, fascinating character diversity E-mail
Wil a Hindu an art / creative expression worthwhile than it is at least a Bhudjal Doksa "in gaining acceptance. I want to indicate that many anno 2008 still do not have the elasticity of mind available to extort the constraints of the primitive kneuterigheid. In fact, each expression of art by Hindus wane by this evil ago (see my column in this context on the website of Indian Feelings entitled: How to discover your talent Hindu?). Even the emerging generation threat after a period of platitude and meaninglessness, to dabble in the wake of the old generation.

Fortunately, there is a change in what is certainly encouraging. In the field of pop music, for example, promising talents as Kries Malhoe, Hafish khan Wagid Husein, Dilip Dhoenmoen, Oemar Wagid Hussein etc. a fresh wind to blow the smoke outside the kitchen of Hindu art stoker. In the field of theater / performing arts hand Ghurahoo Asha is a celestial bestormer, possessed seeking unattainable perfection and endowed with a great ease in the creation of expressive symbols. On Saturday, June 7 jl took it in the theater to the Isla Town 5 Capelle aan de IJssel this wrong ingrown mentality handed model and showed it to something experimental. They changed, retoucheerde and deleted copieuze denominations typically in the average play of the Hindu art are manifest. It has a play based on the Hindu migration to Suriname a new meaning by a lot of attention to the decoration, expression, choreography, etc. In an interview gave mw. Ghurahoo would mean that in the Sarnami House, located at 2 Brouwersgracht Den Haag, was inspired by the static images are displayed and many photographic documents. With this data they managed to write a play that shows an endless game of versatile, in all directions reflecting influence. It is through observation and literature study further in the development history of Hindu migration, and this historic attempt to tangle soon to pick the discovery that this rigid and static images through a psychological and creative reanimeringsproces can revive.

The play begins with an old couple living through flashbacks reveal her story is on the sweeping, dramatic way in which women of their wives and vice versa with perfide promises were recruited for a single trip to Suriname with the ship, Lalla Rookh. The recruiters used as bait the most pathetic, credible and detailed fuss of glue sweet words, which usually in the reality still seems to be a substantial part of the rhetorical skills of the Hindu. The few speeches made by some renowned judges and connoisseurs wanende of migration history were lit, were fortunately limited to a manageable limits so the public could not doze off. In the play were the effects and expression suggestive gestures with regard to the present and past, go smoothly and synchronously. The music selection was excellent, to a lesser extent what I would say the spotlight like spotlights behind the stage would be responsible for a better effect.

mw. Ghurahoo, the emphasis on its artistic and artistic side as a result of which it is stated in various music work from the standpoint of a therapist to express. They focused not on the result of the expression, but the fascinating process that got involved. The challenge of guiding this tragedy happen is so very multi-media, especially since mw. Ghurahoo the main focus so the drama that made it the boundary of the other music fields could cross and thus was a mix of expressions. They made it to the public interest by the drama activity to an alternation between dramatic work. It was played with contrast (light / dark, fast / slow moving / stationary, etc ...).

The audience sat there in a good mood, visibly enjoying the Baithak Gana after the break followed. This form of vocal expression is rooted in some ancient forms of some Indian regions. Traditionally characterized this form of music, through a constant, monotonous rhythm, and sometimes a polyphonic motet, especially during a religious secondary was performed. Apparently, the Baithak Gana same development have been initiated when the current jonglichters not this dilemma would have drawn no new elements were added. The gestures of each expressed body of the band had something intuitive, something improvising. The singer had been vocal in expressing a plastic tone painting. The dholist, a lithe young figure veraste you with its rhythms with equally unexpected as perfect salto's finger. With a more individual or subjective effect to give it an improper expression geëxalteerde manner, almost strong chromatic. This brought the music sounded very experimental. To summarize, I must say that this performing arts theater the Hindu wegrukt of the infinite selfishness of so far on the road Boarding Hindus wane, their power aspiration of the course of their alleged right, of the impossibility that it could ever be mistaken for that they undertake, making it play in the most perfect way to her was right. This shows her where they also play in figureerde of an endless, fascinating character diversity.

Rabin Gangadin

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