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Maximale hypotheek
There are no translations availableWilt u zakelijk gaan investeren? Of staat u op het punt een huis te kopen. Bereken dan zelf snel, makkelijk en overzichtelijk het bedrag dat u maximaal kunt lenen voor een hypotheek. Indien u weet wat u max...
Make-up secrets for the Indian skin! E-mail
If you, like most of us, an Asian or Indian skin, you will not be an easy task for a time to find the right foundation. Most cosmetics to get there is simply not adjusted to our skin. Nor is this surprising little information available and any make-up tips and secrets for this skin, you will almost never encounter. But what about all those perfectly formatted Indian women? And how can we achieve this without too much time and money to spend on a special beauty specialist?

I spoke specifically with visagist Jermaine Anamak (39) currently employed by the well-known cosmetics company MAC Cosmetics. It has retained a number of famous cosmetics brands including Shiseido worked! Jermaine is itself of Suriname-Indian origin and provide daily visagie for women & men of different origin. He has also done several fashion shows and a number of important events. When I ask him how much experience he has with the Indian skin, his eyes begin to glisten. The Indian skin is a real specialty of him and he has a lot of Hindu brides up (and often during the three-day wedding). I have Jermaine also a number of times women see different format, and I can tell you that this man knows what he's doing when it comes to visagie.

There are a lot of different colors when it comes to foundation. Logically, when you consider how many people with different colors house there. However, all these colors into three color groups to share: you have foundations with a yellow undertone, a red / pink undertone and a green undertone. "Every woman with an Indian / Hindu background, in principle, a necessary foundation with a yellow undertone ' , according to Jermaine. This is very important to remember: If someone you a foundation to try to spread that pink tends to know the person is probably not where he or she is talking about. The basic color is always yellow. The only exceptions are people who have parents of different origin, the mixjes' so. Someone whose parents one of the blank, it will often be the pink undertone need.

What people with a yellow undertone in any case never have to do is use a 'reference source' powder with terracotta colors. Your face is geheid orange, so that would just like during the World Cup.

"How is it with actresses with a very light, almost white skin like Aishwarya Rai" I would almost think that there's a foundation with a pink undertone to be used? is my next question. Jermaine should so laugh. Also her skin is just a foundation with yellow undertones, but there is a big difference. What people in Indian actresses do is after the base layer with a yellow undertone fixing a powder which might just be a red / pink undertone has. A beige powder is often over there, and you get so "Bollywood effect '!

The only disadvantage is that this look is not "natural" image. It is really intended for a special occasion or course for a photoshoot. But yes, when the focus of the Bollywood look at natural? Says Jermaine. That is true to the exuberant, the glamor! How do you create in everyday life than a natural effect? 'By just a powder on the base with a yellow undertone? Jermaine says.

Lips and Eyes

What color of eye shadow on your lips and on that is very personal. There are some color no general do's and don'ts as in choosing a foundation is the case. However, use the following 'rules' to remember:

* If your big, full lips you choose in general for a matte lipstick. A glossy lipstick will ensure that your lips appear fuller and can stand over. Do you have small or narrow lips, then you just use it with a lot of lipstick gloss / glitter to your lips that full impact.

* People with light eyes, for example blue or green, may very well be a brown or gray eye shadow have. Do you have dark eyes you can in fact all the colors in eye shadow on. Experimenting so!

Colors for next Autumn / Winter
Although some cosmetic colors of very personal, there are a number of you lot will see this autumn and winter. They are mainly dark and deep colors such as amber, aubergine and deep brown. Wil you an opportunity - for example Christmas - something special? Use glitter gently! Wil you that Bollywood look, then you put the emphasis on natural eyes. That means eyeliner, mascara and possibly quite a few medium long false eyelashes. The eyebrows must not be forgotten, because they frame the eyes. When Indian women are (quite) made up of eyebrows are often very good. Use a sharp eyebrow pencil and eyebrow powder specially.

Jamilah Djorai

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