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Maximale hypotheek
There are no translations availableWilt u zakelijk gaan investeren? Of staat u op het punt een huis te kopen. Bereken dan zelf snel, makkelijk en overzichtelijk het bedrag dat u maximaal kunt lenen voor een hypotheek. Indien u weet wat u max...
Size does matter E-mail
ImageJij determine how the day would come. And how at it: "What you wear has enormous influence.". Your look after, this is one of the most decisive factors that creates an image of you. If it is you want the best out of yourself and therefore I will give you a special on how you can style your own perfection. Whether you are a sporty type or a businessman / woman. In this piece you will not find rules how you should dress. It gives you a peek into the box of tricks topstylisten that role all the famous people (who are willing to pay for very thick) every day from top to show. One of the biggest tricks to achieve that is through the 'right size' to contribute, and I just want to talk. What is the right size actually, and to what extent is a matter of taste?

The right size is not expressed in a number or letter
Let's start by saying that fashion is a phenomenon that does not affect you have to be expensive. If you like it baggy pants, and find that it just looks good is great, even though he is a few sizes too big for you. Less successful is when you have a specific purpose try to achieve what you wear, what not succeed simply because you always choose the wrong size. Someone, for example, a few extra pounds and who painstakingly tries to hide a large XXL sweater, misses his or her purpose here is precisely the emphasis on the extent of that person! And that was just not the intention.

The question is not whether someone is the right size, but rather: is someone just out of ignorance or a deliberate choice? It appears therefore that the 'right size' something very subjective. The right size is not simply expressed in small, medium or large, or a few numbers. It is expressed in how you state something eventually. Something is just the right size if you think that you state.

ImageWe have had in the beginning on that box of tricks of stylists to ensure that celebrities are perfect for the day. There are many tips and tricks that you can apply and have a big impact. It's the little things that give the finishing touch. In recent years a number of clothing gurus' in England and the United States heads lit. The most famous example is the British duo Trinny and Susannah. With a very popular program "What not to wear 'and the eponymous bestseller convinced thousands of women have only their lifestyle through clothes too improve. Also from our own soil we have fashion programs, such as the Fashion Police. I am frankly less enthusiastic about. Presenters who will tell you just what you should and should not contribute to me not to. Or something beautiful or ugly, is finally a matter of taste. I can own what is really of little value could be applicable.

It is critically important that you dare to be against yourself, but also important to keep yourself in style. Why would you every day glamorous wear clothing as you feel comfortable in a sporty look?

Some general tips for international topstylisten, perhaps apply to you?
1. Note: Many people are already crazy when the word 'sale' to hear. Many miskopen be done around that time. One golden tip is: Buy only something on sale if you do the full house would pay for if not on sale would be!

2. For the ladies: A big mistake Bega you a low-low-rider pants or hip to help you string all the way out once you sit down. Lingerie never let you see under your clothes. You radiate something ordinates airs earlier than it is sexy. * Tip * Wear no black or dark underwear under white clothes, then you have exactly the same effect.

3. One of the best tips I find this much clothing in the first instance is not good, if it can exactly tailor-made just fantastic stand! It often costs no more than a few dollars for that suit is too big or too wide bloesje that is, to take.

4. Corrective underwear
If I hear the word correction clothes, I can not really help that I immediately think that a grandmother all tools necessary to do everything to keep his place. Nothing is further from the truth, I discovered! Some correction shorts have a lift effect for your back and say no to any woman. Imperfections are visible when certain substances such as smooth satin bear, or a tight bloesje. It is not an alternative to the gym or eat healthy, but it allows a lot better if you happen to not have perfect figure.

There are many books and websites which now separate tips and tricks are discussed more about what you can and can not do with different body types. Do as you benefit if you do not like what you see in the mirror. However, remember this: Keep your own style and take all the information for only the best apply to you! Every rule has its exceptions.

Ladies Image note: special attention for the right bra
What really a lot of ladies to this day still in the wrong is wearing the wrong bra. American research shows that only 85% of the women is the wrong size!

A 'bra' the word says it all-is not just that you push-up effect, or because you are beautiful, but also to support your breasts. Especially for women with larger breasts is very important to remember. A wrong bra can be a counterproductive effect and long-term care for such back pain. Where a proper bra already makes ..

What you can do best is a good lingerie shop steps yourself to make measurement. Shame on you: the ladies in that kind of shops means their job and will be more than willing to give you this help. It is for them is a small effort and an act which they do daily.

When the right size bra, you remove yourself from all the old bra that you had the wrong size or give them away. And buy a good quality collection of bra's in the right size. You'll like the difference is immediately seen in the clothes you wear, because your breasts are exactly that place where they are trapped. You will see that your outerwear at once is much better. The way you walk will change: no longer with that bent back upright but nice!

Jamilah Djorai

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