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Maximale hypotheek
There are no translations availableWilt u zakelijk gaan investeren? Of staat u op het punt een huis te kopen. Bereken dan zelf snel, makkelijk en overzichtelijk het bedrag dat u maximaal kunt lenen voor een hypotheek. Indien u weet wat u max...
Most dreams are ... E-mail
It is warm. The sun has just gone under. Low in the sky a yellow Monday A fresh breeze streelt along the leaves. Far slightly in the air, blue, red, yellow, white. Suddenly there is someone for me. The moon lit his face. The breeze blowing through my cheeks. A drop of sweat on my neck. His hair is back and forth. He picked me. Sultry heat flows through my hands. To me poor. To them lips. Goose bumps. Everywhere ...
"Hey what do you think Maya is really?" Way! He has disappeared. Am I dreaming? Was it real? Who knows? The wind ... maybe. The wind? The wind. Bureautje This morning I sat behind my back to daydreaming. I am barely aware of where I was until I heard my colleague called. Unfortunately, I had the whole conversation of my colleagues missed. So occasionally I accidentally let my thoughts wander. Actually, I must say that my thoughts are with me on the course ...

We all dream. We understand that dreams often do not. But do we all as if nothing strange happens during our sleep or sometimes even when we are awake. Really strange that even people who in everyday life are highly trained, experienced this phenomenon for granted. Everything we do and experience during the call we all reality, the reality. We say / think this is the only 'true' reality. People here differ called dreamers, sleep and sometimes even mentally impaired.

If we fall asleep we are in another world. We come in all kinds of impossible places and be with people and objects which in reality impossible. However, we are always in the dream itself that the play and remember the dream story.

Characteristic of the dream is that this is not the laws of logic follows that we have during our daily consciousness. Suddenly it appears that not every cause is a logical consequence. The concepts of space and time are almost no more and / or have a different status:
- Where the dead speak with us;
- Play youth experiences in the here and now;
- We can simply and immediately in another country
- We can metamorphose;
- Are people and events for years that we no longer have to think back to the top;
- Familiar faces appear again and make all kinds of experiences independently.

However, these dreams are all just as real as our everyday waking experiences. When we wake up, we are most dreams simply forgotten. The other world is suddenly no more. Only a few dreams, we might still remember.

Everyone dreams about four to five times per night. That you would never think because most of you do not remember dreams. Sometimes you remember a dream it. Then do you think he is very long, but he only takes about five minutes. Most people dream of things from their life one more time to make or process things, but for everyone else.

Sometimes dreams seem so real that people cry or scream in their sleep. Lig if you happen to anyone in the room? Let those then just sleep. Not wake up! Usually, those naturally awake and sleeping then continues. Hopefully he or she finer than a dream!

A nightmare
The most anxious moment of a dream you wake up: sweaty, terrified. Often you just need some time to realize that it was a dream. " And even then, despite yourself, you may still tend to look under the bed: would strict follower maybe not yet ...

Precisely because we are alone in a nightmare, it is good for that as soon as possible after we become awake to tell someone. In the Talmud it is recommended that a nightmare to three different people to tell. It should say something like, "it is good, it will be good." This would be the bad influence of the dream to be offset. In other cultures it is advised that an anxiety dream telling, for fear someone else to share.

Everyone has nightmares agree with it. Many mature people still remember this kind of dreams from their childhood. Thus in the age of four to seven years many children have regular nightmares. Sometimes the same subject always comes back.

As we age, most people have less of a nightmare. But when we are under pressure, or when major changes occur in our lives, then suddenly we get a nightmare. Some people have very often nightmares. Sometimes a few times per week. Others not only have nightmares, but also to sleepwalking.

Causes of nightmares
Night Mares can have various causes: one without problem or a major event. Sometimes a nightmare due to a traumatic experience or situation: a stay in a concentration camp or incest. Other times, a nightmare with disease. Even predictive nightmares come across a single case sometime. A nightmare is the most unpleasant experience you can have and if you often have nightmares, can be good to help.

A dream that is not:
Have you ever seen that you awoke from a very nice (day) dream? And that dream was not finished? You want to love him 'afdromen. Just for that nice feeling to hold. Or because you are curious how the dream will end. That afdromen often can not. If you fall asleep again, it is difficult to turn in your old dream of ending up. That's because you're not dreaming when you fall asleep. Only if you really are in a deep sleep, you dream. Try the old dream once again to tackle. That is not so easy ....

He picked me again ... "Come, walk on the beach to The Rock." There is a large round stone on the beach of two meters high and two meters wide. I have my hands out and put it against my ear to listen. Then I feel he is on the other side of the stone. A strange feeling of recognition kriebelt in my stomach. Are you? It is still warm. The sun has just gone under. Low in the sky a yellow Monday A fresh breeze streelt along the leaves. Far lights in the sky, blue, red, yellow, white. Suddenly he is back. The moon lit his face. The breeze on my cheeks. A drop of sweat on my neck. His hair is back and forth. He takes me. Sultry heat flows through my hands. Back to my lips. Goose bumps. everywhere .... Then he says "Yes, I am, you recognize me?"

"Maya!? Are you already dreaming of? "And when I woke up ....


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