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Maximale hypotheek
There are no translations availableWilt u zakelijk gaan investeren? Of staat u op het punt een huis te kopen. Bereken dan zelf snel, makkelijk en overzichtelijk het bedrag dat u maximaal kunt lenen voor een hypotheek. Indien u weet wat u max...
Hindu Youth, current affairs and universal values together E-mail
Organ donation, common health problems among Hindus wane, Seva and undermined the themes which Hindu Youth gebrainstormd and debated during the Dutch National Hindu Youth (NHJD) on June 28, 2008 in Wijchen. There was entertainment, a workshop and plenty of opportunity for networking. All this took place in a Hindu context. This day was organized by the Shree Raam Mandir Wijchen in cooperation with the Hindu Students Forum Netherlands. Both organizations would like young people in sustainable themes that the (Hindu) society.
The first theme, organ donation is currently in the Netherlands and to every Dutchman. For Hindus tan organ has great significance for several reasons other than Dutch. Firstly, because the body needs among Hindus wane more than other Dutch. This is due to the increased risk of diabetes and heart disease. This is this group more kidney, liver and heart damage.

Secondly, because Hindus tan question (can) have the effect of an organ donation on their own karma. "I extend a person's life by that person to donate my body. But what is the impact on me when he / she then consults wrong acts and generates negative karma? I am, and how, (partly) responsible? I have that person finally equipped. Will I be saddled with additional negative karma, so I my ultimate salvation, touch? "Such questions can only be answered when Hinduism it is met. This was also done in advance was 13 clergy, Pandit and Swami's from various currents within the Hindu, asked for their views and opinions regarding organ donation. The young people present, the outcome of the interviews in subgroups discussed later in the afternoon plenary debate on this.

The second theme, common health problems among Hindus tan, as well as organ donation is currently only affects a hand full of doctors, there just Hindus wane. However, the extent of this problem is so great that there are plans for a clinic in Rotterdam for Hindus in to wane. The health problems have two bases, heredity and poor lifestyle. Facts and tips to change by a doctor with the young people present discussed. Bright young people that it is confident that, by a better lifestyle to consider than the previous generation, can provide a change in this situation.

The themes Seva (service) and affected (selflessly donate) are universal values within Hinduism are elaborated. Seva and concepts are affected by the spiritual growth of those directly concerned to promote. In addition, the needs of the vulnerable in society, both individuals and organizations, met. After an introduction to these themes in relation subgroup discussed all aspects. From the idea of Seva and affected your views on organ donation and direct support.

Body Needs and considerations
The need for donor organs in the Netherlands is a social pressure to your organs to be felt. By taking a position on organ donation, we realize that this discussion takes place at levels of a social / civil and a spiritual level. The separation is in order to be considered in making debates. You live in this society and then stand on a different level than where you live as a detachment or Yogi Swami leads.

In the first case you can not abstain from the social societal needs, while in the second case outside its scope. Are you fully in life, then you can help another by donating your body. It is important that you Tyaag bhaav over your body. Tyaag bhaav means you away from. This mental institution ensures you that you will not be any negative karma that the new owner of your body generates in his life. It works the same "law" which applies for example when you save a drowning man who subsequently commits a terrible crime. It is generally accepted that you are not responsible for the terrible act, because your rescue action was motivated by your Sat Guna (orientation that draws us to God).

A Yogi Swami or does it extend one's life through the donation of an organ is not necessarily as an aid to that person. Really do help you through the state of mind of that person to develop. But precisely for this group, Swami's and Yogi's do the disposal of a body to be no problem, you would think. They have, during their initiation, by vow away of all material, including their bodies.

What writings suggest?
Some stories and sutra in our writings seem to justify organ donation, while others seem to inspire the right not to. The argument before can be invoked: 1. the designation as a noble act of the affected (gift) of Rishi Dadhici and King Shibi. They weggecijferd itself in favor of others;
2. the sutra's Vasudhaiva kutumbakam (the world is one family) and Parupkarayam vibhutayah (care for others);
3. the appearance of Ganesh Ji, which shows a mix of 2 bodies. The argument against organ donation is a possible interference with the personal development of devotees argued. This development leads to salvation, the ultimate goal of life.

The above facts per se may not be groundless given as arguments for or against organ donation. Tyaag The bhaav (full range of) to any organ is the vast majority of the interviewed Pandit and Swami's essential. This, not simple, state of mind you need during your life.

Photos and other information will appear soon on the website In 2009 the Dutch National Hindu Youth Day held in the May holiday. Who knows, until then in Wijchen.

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