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There are no translations availableWilt u zakelijk gaan investeren? Of staat u op het punt een huis te kopen. Bereken dan zelf snel, makkelijk en overzichtelijk het bedrag dat u maximaal kunt lenen voor een hypotheek. Indien u weet wat u max...
Vivek Oberoi talks about Mission Istaanbul, IIFA 2008, and his plans for the future E-mail
His debut performance was in the movie ¨ Company ¨, all scripts that year had left. And he wore the name of his respected grandfather Suresh Oberoi. We are clearly talking about Vivek Oberoi.

Vivek Oberoi is preparing to return to history, but this time he want to work ¨ will do all the talking ¨ There will certainly be talking. He is like his fellow actors to prepare for the long-awaited Mission Istaanbul ¨ ¨

It is likely some people have noticed that Mission Istaanbul ¨ ¨ shares the same initials as Hollywood hit ¨ ¨ Mission Impossible, but whether ¨ ¨ Mission Istaanbul same impact as ¨ ¨ Impossible Mission is still uncertain. That is wait ...

While everyone is waiting for July 25, release date of ¨ ¨ Mission Istaanbul (MI), we have an interview with Vivek Oberoi itself, which he recently gave to Bollywood Hungama.

Q: Mission Istaanbul ¨ ¨ is the most talked about film that is at a distance. There, again, nice days for you. What do you all here?

A: ¨ Thank you! I only hope that the beautiful days permanently this time. ¨ Q: Tell me to start something about your character in this film. What is your role that people not get enough of the new and improved Vivek Oberoi? A: ¨ My character is called Rizwan Khan, a guy with an `attitude '. There is a moment in the movie where Vikas Sagar (played by Zayed Khan) says this to him, Rizwan, tum toh bilkul bhoot ho. Kabhi BHI BHI kahin aa jaate ho aur kahin se kabhi BHI BHI nikhal jaate ho. (Rizwan, you're just a ghost. Just because you everywhere in and out without anyone crawling through it) Rizwan is one of the best Turkish elite commands. He goes so deep into the circle of an international terrorist group that ensures that he may be involved in false conditions and even fired. But even that takes him to and he goes on with its mission to the terrorists to stop. That is the kind of person that Rizwan is nothing hold him. He will still continue. ¨

Q: You are not unknown for journalists. How was it to play in a movie, where you co actor playing a journalist?

A: ¨ It is very different. In real life journalists or brave people in their own way. They are not stopped by influential people as they are with a great story. They will continue with their work and put everything at stake for the truth to write. So that is the same you should not forget that this is not a documentary but a film. He is not made entirely realistic. He is certainly based on real journalists and the real world of terrorism, but he still has the masala effect. He is well filmed with great action scenes for the movie is a great action movie to entertainment. So Zayed's character would be all that remarkable things can do in real life could be. Journalists may be mentally brave people, but this journalist is not only mentally but also physically very brave. ¨

Q: It is said that you have a song sung in the movie. Mission Ustad ¨ ¨, so called the number anyway?

A: ¨ The answer is no. I have no self-sung songs in the movie. It is very strange, but when a friend of mine, Mikha Mehndi, the number 'Ae Ganpat Chal Daaru Laa' was sung, everyone thought it was me. And now he has been singing this song again and people think I am. ¨

Q: Mission Istaanbul like a movie filled with lots of action from beginning to end. Action means stunts, stunts and served a few breathtaking moments. What incredible action stunts can we expect from MI?

A: ¨ The stunt coordinators of this film were Ejaz and Javed, which are simply the best. I have previously worked with them for `Dum 'and' Shootout at Lokhandwala '. We have some incredible stunts, and have had lots of fun. Except that we have a lot of things up, I had to literally jump off a balcony of a building on a helicopter jump, the helicopter flies towards the ocean, where I again had to jump in the ocean. And while I bang I was jumping the helicopter down. I play a character who love to find this kind of stunts to get and believe me that was. We have a lot of underwater stunts and lots of explosions. ¨

Q: At what locations do you have all run?

A: ¨ We are a bit everywhere been. The Bosphorus River, the famous Assk Cafe, the blue mosque and even a few very tall buildings. Because I play a Turkish command we run on as many sites as possible, because my character all the time traveling. ¨

Q: How did you prepare for your character to play Rizwan?

A: ¨ I have been all photos I could see how a Turkish command salute. Even the smallest details such as how they wear their uniforms, how they behave, how they load their weapons again and all this kind of topics I should all learn from the experts themselves. Weel I have a little Arabic and Turkish shown for this film, but unfortunately, most scenes taken out because we felt that the public too much as they would find the entire movie each time had to read subtitles. ¨

Q: Apoorva has written the film with you in mind, so it is obvious that also in his next film will play?

A: ¨ No, unfortunately not, no. Due to date problems I had to offer and Prakash Jha's Rajniti refuse. ¨

Q: Just about your last action IIFA Monday There is nothing else talk across the country.

A: ¨ Thank you. I'm really glad that everyone took the number as well. I'm really happy with all the positive reactions I get and I found it great to see dance on stage. ¨

Q: Finally, what are your plans for the future?

A: ¨ I can not give away too much, but I can say that I am finally back in a romantic movie to play. You can compare the film with "Saathiya" and we start early next year to run. He has written for me by someone who is a big fan of 'Saathiya'. This was the script where I have waited so long and I am glad that I can do. ¨

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