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Maximale hypotheek
There are no translations availableWilt u zakelijk gaan investeren? Of staat u op het punt een huis te kopen. Bereken dan zelf snel, makkelijk en overzichtelijk het bedrag dat u maximaal kunt lenen voor een hypotheek. Indien u weet wat u max...
Nathak cough sheeshey djoot he bolts E-mail
On July 12 jl I visited with some high expectations of the 'musical' (read nathak) cough sheeshey djoot he bolts.
As entry depreciation I famous still life (is stiff prepared ladies, dressed in Hindu clothing to the public to welcome inflows) shows little originality. Once in the room began to show later than planned. After 10 minutes had elapsed was amateurish convey that many visitors probably because of the North Sea Jazz festival in the file would be and whether we wanted to understand that. Very strange that the poor organization runs the show to the visitors did. The announcer was only after her third attempt to understand.

The nathak
After 15 minutes, to be precise clock stroke 19.15 pm, the show finally started and what immediately struck me is that the passes were not synchronized, despite the fact that almost all the songs lasted only 1 minute. In addition, the choreography is very simple. To think there are already more than half has been rehearsed and presented under the quality improvement was moved several times, there was already announced in advance that all numbers would be played live. It was therefore striking that the musicians during the transitions of the scenes a role. The remaining time, they only function of spectators.

The first 25 minutes were boring, tedious, and were filled with just text. The dialogues were behind in the little room. The actors who were raised to understand much irritation with their scream. Only after 25 minutes was danced to a song. This song was not played live as promised and was not synchronous. The decor looked miserable out there and I just had not pleased. There were during the show little decor pieces to be seen. The great decor items from India would be met entirely missing.

Between the scenes by the opposing team that was appointed to the stage and to build back and forth as if their lives hung from there. This Friday was still difficult so long the public had to wait until the next scene would begin. Meanwhile, a lady behind me fell asleep. The Dutch in a few lines for me were trying to show deep zuchtend and an irritated look to follow.

The next song started at 20.00 hours. The cards were strange and oogden cheap. Some dancers have shoes and other dancers danced in bare feet as well applied to the chaotic, unorganized whole. The preparation was lacking which it seemed as if everyone but did not or had not sufficiently rehearsed. At the end of the show would appear that this was typical for the whole nathak.

Only an hour later I noticed that there were paintings on the sides, like Bharati. However, they served no purpose to this nathak. They were just there, just as the two pillars in front of strange that there were a failed attempt to fill the stage.

The cliché love story between a Hindu girl and a Muslim boy actually started running more than an hour after the show. Sandhya shall specify the role of Hindu girl with a player 20 years younger! While this story unfurled were also highlighted issue. It was often unclear where the scenes took place and the added value for the main story. In the marriage between Muslim and Hindu boy, a girl Qawalli song played. During the song, there was suddenly a belly dancer appeared. This is not Qawalli and is proof that the script writer's homework is not done properly.

After the break I noticed that the visitors around me were gone. Apparently they found the first half is so somnolent that she had gone home. The rest of the show was filled with numbers and in the same way as the first half. The sexist jokes during the show were made were not suitable for children where the audience full of them Saturday

Five hours, 2 bowls and a Pringles Sultana later
Until the end of the presentation was the story difficult to follow. There was discussion in the Hindu. After the break there were no Dutch to confess in the room. The red wire was missing, there was too much attention to detail. The costumes that the show would give a special character were already known to the public and added nothing new to. There were often only seven dancers on stage and even then, the cards are not equal. The songs were dull and monotonous. Moreover, not all the dances themselves were conceived, but sometimes even stolen from the famous Bollywood films. The girl Coco and the soothsayer in the 5 minutes, they each stood on stage, more impressed than the five-hour show. The relatively few good points in the show were cheap copies of other failed shows. The lock was messy and the end, where the entire cast to see would be, were other people on stage to fill. The nathak was 22.30 hours should last, but walked with a range of more than two hours until a quarter to one off! The quantity is clearly at the expense of quality!

I had expected more originality from the big promotional campaign that was hard up that I decided to buy a ticket for this fantastic show. Fantastic was not sure and certainly not at the level of Sandhya Mannie Sing this show represents wanted to continue. Remarkable was that this nathak very many characteristics with the story of Sandhya Mannie Sing. The nathak my high expectations of them. This show is not suitable for children and not Dutch. By promoting this as a musical would be of Dutch origin has Sandhya Mannie Sing a completely wrong picture created. The visit to this nathak was an absolute abomination, not be repeated and everyone to guess.

Anima Aarti

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