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Maximale hypotheek
There are no translations availableWilt u zakelijk gaan investeren? Of staat u op het punt een huis te kopen. Bereken dan zelf snel, makkelijk en overzichtelijk het bedrag dat u maximaal kunt lenen voor een hypotheek. Indien u weet wat u max...
Konverjari - Novelle with addictive voltage E-mail
The fact that simplicity pays, Remco Campert proved with his literary work in which you never even a glimmer of the literary intellectualism such time his colleague, Simon Vestdijk aanliep. Campert used a very direct manner and style of the ordinary Dutchman and was further wars of all kinds of decor and atmosphere descriptions by means of flagrant literary dwell. Although it is not clear how many aspiring authors have to use the style of Campert, the apparently born in Suriname Indra Varma with her novel, Konverjari (Kon = abbreviation of Queen in Suriname; verjari birthday = so; koninginnendag) that a student, if not a formidable fan of Campert could be.

Konverjari is a collection concieze everyday impressions appear to be written from a representative selection of random thoughts flow during the celebration of the koninginnendag in Suriname. The story zweemt to the traditional, now a nostalgia turned classical unity of time and space in Suriname, a more accurate way of play balancing between large naturalness and literary beauty of beautiful and clean out any dialogue. The main character Bhartie that the singer intends to be, as should any hunter recognition in Suriname Butts nose all a dull time for the spotlight to be placed. They saw the konverjari as the ultimate moment her alleged talents in the presence of a large audience to present: "It is hard applauded, the music started. The curtains of the dress open. If a real superstar is Bhartie the stage. The public still folded, left and right is whistle. It is hard to contain what is happening. Bhartie begins to sing. It seems like they never did anything else. The voice, that attitude: O mera Sona re, re Sonas, Sona re, dedo gi djane, djoeda degree hona re .... (Oh my dear, my dear, my dear. I do not want to live if you leave me ... "(pg. 69)

With its pen describes Indra Varma with the most reckless language acrobatics all lyrical sensations that its horizons within huppé The meager size of the book, the combination of form and high density of the narrative make the impression as if they were to speak neergekriebeld in gnome characters in the vast palm of a giant hand. "Groups fair goers to the same direction. Bhartie get still more of the nerves. It appears the press tonight at the fair. The more people means more chances that there are loved ones in the tent. (Pg. 66) The writer is fascinated by the eruptions of the euphoria surrounding the koninginnendag and is surrounded gebiologeerd spectacle to watch. A momentary contact with desire and horror on this day nick.

With the high realistic pathos of the marginal which subsequent generations Surinamese retrieve their heart, this prose with an intriguing mini-game room-size, much less to do. Indra Varma's book is the opposite of a literary adaptation, not because the writer literature afzweert hysterical or what would oppose the weight of the text, but because they are text and literature in a peculiar form frivolous and integrates together knoeit. The dialogue with the literature is not sufficient to scribe the status of "author" it. This is a vision, specifically a vision that can be inferred from the way the author language imposes its own form and his / her books are not as one-shots approaching, but as part of a larger body of his / animal work. Just as in its foreign relations to the literature, is Indra Varma here at typical and atypical. Atypical because they are much less than others seeking to experiment with literary conventions. Her novel is a synonym for simplicity (but simple is not simplistic, just as complex complicated than anything else). Her style would not stand and is therefore not a natural form of superior stylistics. Her story is one talk / idle prose that even appears to be weaned from the base lines. The author has opted for radical simplicity, if not for a shortage of resources, but that would not have to imply restrictions, as well as the lack of an opportunity provided for a literary felicity. It may just show that a novel can simply write, without high-tech literary resources that small need not necessarily be equal to garage-punk aesthetics or aesthetics. In short, they were not afraid to be 'not to fall.

Nevertheless, this book in one way or another is a voltage addictive problems. The handsome to Indra Varma's way of writing is that they are not let through a cave complex literary conventions in which the writer mean when ingraaft but is in its basic tone is not tripping over everything in the advanced literature seems , is calm and controlled. It has everything with full attention put on paper, making it clear on your flow is off but due to the non-drowning dangerous superficiality Unfortunately no place is free for profound and philosophical reflections.

Author: Indra Varma
Publisher: Black Monday ISBN 978-90-73901-16-2
Dorpsstraat 119, 2995 XE Heerjansdam

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